I Need a Plan

2012 is staring straight at me.  I pulled up my 2011 resolution list.  Yikes!

1.  Get an article published……I guess being published in the Arkansas Methodist Newspaper qualifies!

2.  Meet with a publisher……I met with two actually.  One fell asleep!  The other popped my bubble…..Paving the way to 2012 right??

3.  Sell a painting…..I did paint more.  Just didn’t sell one.  Hey, there is still time!  If you want to purchase a painting from me, email me!  

4.  For Lent, partake in the Daniel Fast.  (No, No, I won’t be eating locus.. that was John.)…..It was hard but I lived through it!!  Yay!!

5.  Do a 5K..ahem… walk one!  Guess I better dust off the sneakers and get started on this one!!…..Oh man…. I didn’t do this one!! I knew there was something I forgot.  Do rollovers count?

6.  Paint the rooms of our home.. 10 years of neglect and it is time!!….I painted the living room, the hall, and the dining room.  Guess I will get to the kitchen and bedroom in 2012!

7.  Get organized…  I’m visiting FlyLady again!!  LOVE HER!!  I need a refresher’s course!….H.O.P.E.L.E.S.S!

8.  Learn to knit!  I don’t care if it kills me!  I am going to knit a scarf this year!!….I learned I am not a knitter.  I will stick with crochet!

9.  Finish my book(s).  Working on two simultaneously… surely I’ll get one done!!…..I got the book proposal done.  My fiction work…. I chucked!  Starting over!

10.  Sew at least two projects from One Yard Wonders.  I have the book ordered!!  Can’t wait!!….I actually did this one!  One apron and one baby blanket!!  One Yard Wonders now have a sequel.  I am going to order it!!

This year….. I am developing something different.  Romans 12:1 has been penetrating my thoughts lately.  I keep hearing the tune ” Give Yourself Away.” God is up to something.  Now, I need a plan.  A solid plan.  A plan that will help me reach my Romans 12:1 goal.

God Bless…….

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