New Appreciation

It has been over a week since the news came.  A young friend.  A firefighter.  A father.  A boyfriend. A Christian.


In his sleep.

33….. same age as Jesus when he started His ministry.

God working on this young man.  Through him.  Around him.  In him.


His work here, complete.

Not in our eyes.  In God’s eyes….. complete.

I visited our sanctuary this afternoon.  Dark.  Still. Quiet.

Tomorrow the room will be filled with earthly sorrow.

Tomorrow tears will flood the room.

Questions for God will be raised….. hoping for an answer.

Tomorrow will come and go.  A family lost a good man. The heavens gained a soul. We’ll cry.  Angels will rejoice.


With days gone by, Today and Tomorrow, a new appreciation for loved ones, strangers, passer-bys is growing deeply.

Finding out our purpose to be left behind sparks in appreciation for life.

Discovering the true meaning of a God relationship awaits in this appreciation.

Our loss.  God’s gain.  Calling him and comforting us.

God bless…….

1 thought on “New Appreciation

  1. Beautiful! So much to be said about this wonderful man! Forever changed my view on life, as Zach impacted so many for the better and will forever be missed!!


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