Lost in Thoughts

This morning, the hum of my computer lulled me into a wordless mind.  Words wouldn’t come.  Throughout the morn, I prayed, sought, and words wouldn’t come.

Inspiration left as desperation entered. Mom gone.  Career faded.  Words never came.

I wanted to cry. No tears came.

I wanted to shout.  No sound came.

I wanted to run.  No movement began.

I wanted to hide.  No comfort came.

Unsettled.  No words came.

I held my love note for today.

Tell 5 people God loves them.

Duty. Keeping a promise. I texted three simple words.

I will give God’s love.  Oh, may there be words to follow.  Great inspiration to write.  Words to create from.  Words that would hold a miracle.  Words to come.

Words came.  Great inspiration. Creation. A Miracle……. in 5 replies.

God loves you, too.

Embrace. Give. Love. Serve.

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