Across the Bridge

This week we walked 53.62 miles for a total of 210.54 miles which is
6.22% of the way towards our goal. We ended up near Rangeley, ME.

This weekend, Mark, the kids and I along with our lab, Domino, and our spaniel, Ginger, walked across the Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock.  The sunshine perfected the walk as it warmed us from the cold river winds.

The river is up from all the recent rain.  The dam waters turned and churned.

I leaned over the railing.  The height made me dizzy and whoozy.  The roar of the churning water echoed and drowned out our speech.

Funny.  Those turbulent waters could easy represent my recent feelings.  Angry. Roaring.  Boiling.  Unsettled.  Wrestled.

Watching the water fowl soar over the water, I dreamed of finally feeling free.  Freedom to soar.  Freedom to fly past the angry waters.  Someday.  I will soar.

We spotted the white dots of the Least Terns nesting on a sandbar.  Together. Strength in numbers.  Once endangered lives.  Now, flourishing.

On the other side of the bridge we enjoyed the warmth of the sun.  Dogs rested.  Son played on a hill.  Pure happiness.  Pure joy.  Content.

Ahhhh to be young again.  Freely laughing without a care.  Rolling down a hill.

Enjoy your Monday….. God bless…..

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