My Young Man

“Jesus can do anything.” my son said with such matter- of-fact.

“Even walking on water.” I added, “Can you imagine walking on water.  What do you think Peter felt?”


“Would you do it? Could you trust Jesus that much?” I inquired.

“Yeah. I think so.”

“Well, if you were in the boat and you saw Peter climbing out, would you try to stop him?”


“Trusting Jesus can be a little scary.  Good thing I trust Him.” I stated.

“Mom, my friend told me that I should be afraid of God.”

Fear the Lord….. rang through out my body.

“Do you think God is someone we should be afraid of?”

“No, but my friend says it is in the Bible and that we should be afraid.”

Fear the Lord….

“I think that means we should respect God.  Not to be afraid of Him.  God doesn’t want us to be afraid of Him but to love and respect Him.”

“That makes sense.”

“It is like this.  You love me and dad.  You respect us.  And you want to do good things to make us feel proud. So when you mess up, sometimes you are afraid to tell us.  But, you know that because we love you so much, you can tell us your mess ups.  Right?”


“It is the same with God.  He loves us so much.  And out of our love for Him, we want to do good things.  But sometimes we mess up.  And God knows we mess up and He doesn’t like it, but we should never be afraid of Him.  We should tell Him because we know He loves us more than our mistakes.  And then we are forgiven.”

“God is Good.”

“Yes, baby, all the time!”

Enjoy your day….. God bless……


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