241 Miles

241 miles in February!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Team Dettra walked 241 miles and ended up near Massena, NY. We’ve walked a total of 475 miles and are 14% of the way across America.  It is so hard to believe!

Now, today is the last day of February and you know what that means!  I get to announce the organization we will be sending our donation.  This was a hard choice.  There were so many to chose from…… several ministries, churches, the Salvation Army, Museums…… but then I found the golden ticket!

The Animal Food Pantry of Massena, NY!  According to the Massena Chamber of Commerce, “the Animal Food Pantry is a non-profit, all volunteer group of Massena residents who are dedicated to helping senior citizens feed their beloved pets: especially in tough economic times. For many senior citizens, their pet has become their family and some seniors sacrifice their own needs to ensure that their pet does not go without. We hope that through the kindness and generosity of those who can help, we will be able to help those seniors who have done their part in this community in the past and who may need a little help now. ”

Awww, sounds so sweet.  Now if you would like to join me in sending a little something their way, here’s the address to send donations :

Animal Food Pantry

173 McKinley Ave.

Massena, NY 13662

And I have a shout out today….. A dear lady, Sara, contacted me.  She is a stay at home mom who has been inspired by the Walking Across America.  She explained to me that she never realized that she walked 5 miles a day taking care of her children and home.   Warms my heart!! Go, Sara, Go!!

May God bless your paths today…….

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