The alarm jolts me from the deep sleep.  A busy weekend behind us with a week of 4 schedules to keep up with before us.

Shuttling kids here and there.  Evening women’s events at our church.  Work. Cakes to bake and decorate.  The schedule seems impossible to the untrained eye.

Handing out lunches and good day kisses, I stop to look around me.  Dishes piled high.  Clothes mounted to the ceiling awaiting to be laundered.  Scratching dogs half heartedly wanting a bath.  I shake my head at all the stuff I need to tend to…….

Scream is more like it.  I just want to shout out from frustration.  It never seems to end.  Moping, sweeping, folding, putting things away, my head spins.

My attitude of “Good Morning!” turned quickly into yuck.  I didn’t ask for nor make the mess I had to clean up.  My “bless this house” prayer transformed into a burden I didn’t want to carry.  The toy lizard I thought my son left in the middle of the hall wasn’t a toy at all but a house warming gift from the cat.  The rattling of the dryer proved that storms are headed in this direction.  Then, the crash….. the crash that made my heart fall into the pit of my stomach. The light fixture above the sink fell.  I jumped like I was shot.

I wanted to sit and cry when the young cat brought another lizardy gift.  I had had it.  My days  are already blurred and over booked.  I laughed at the thought of a new co-worker’s comment, “You are so calm.”  Boy, if she could see me now.  Having a meltdown over my laptop’s keyboard because the “d” doesn’t work properly.

I take a bag of trash to the can.  Grumpy.  Throwing it and my frustrations inside the can.  I turn and see three red roses.

Their beauty.  Their perfect imperfections.  Three.  Like the crosses on the hill.  Three.  sharing such sweet beauty and a promise from God.

The morning chores seemed to fade away.  My heart softened and melted.  I caressed their beauty.  Smelled their sweet goodness.  Their thorns called up the image of the crown Jesus wore.  The pain.  The sting. Sin.  Love that hurts yet heals.  Something beautiful blossomed from the thorny stem of life.

God bless…..



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