Me Calm??

Alright, alright, alright……

If I haven’t heard it once recently, I’ve heard it a million times already…..”You are so calm.”

I literally looked around to see who they were talking to and then do the whole point at myself to mouth, “me?”

“Wait until you get to know me……” I sheepishly replied.

It really doesn’t take much for me to come unglued.  I mean really.  I try.  Really I do but sometimes it just happens.  I can feel the “Elmer’s glue” God used to plug up the holes of my brokenness crack and peel right off.

Am I alone?  I mean is it just me or can anyone out there go with me on this one???

I used to call it my “mean teacher” personality.  A couple of kids fight and she appears.  Sometimes my evil twin shows up in other places.  At the slam of a car door.  At slow check out line.  Oh, even at church.  Yep.  She seeps in those Holy doors at times.

I think age has something to do with it though.  I mean….. I do come undone at times….. but not like I used to.  Just the other day I breathed under my breath, “Life is way too short for drama.”

No.  I think the real reason is simple….. Jesus.  I’ve allowed Him to fill me up.  He is who I look for now.  He is what I am living for. He’s all up in my business and I am welcoming Him into my messy real life….. not the one everyone sees from the outside.  The inside inside….. you know what I mean.  He gets to see it all and bless His heart He is so patient.  Patiently gluing me back together again one broken piece at a time.

God bless……


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