Blessing in Disguise

Times are  tough.  As much as I have tried to make it as a freelance writer and public speaker, it hasn’t helped in the financial area as I had dreamed.  Perhaps, later on it will….. and it is something I will not abandon.

Mark provides and has supported me in every way imaginable.  But, as gas and food prices rise my cutting corners has well…. let’s just say there aren’t any more corners to cut.

I never thought the promise I made to my kids, “You will never have store bought birthday cakes” would become the blessing in disguise.  I am a part time cake decorator at a local sweet shop.  (I get to paid to play with cake!!)  ((giggle))

And well, friends and family members are spreading the word like crazy and I am making cakes at home as well.  I am amazed!  I am so thankful.  God has answered a prayer.

Look at the cakes I made last week……

This one is a “Box of Chocolates.”  It is a cake covered in fondant with cake balls made to look like chocolates.

This one is a 6 inch butter cream covered cake.  The flowers are made of fondant.

This daisy covered cake made me cry.  It took me 2 hours to make those pretty little daisies.  I pulled it out of the refrigerator and 1/2 of the icing slid off .  I just sat down and cried.  I had to make the quick repair and get it delivered.

I also made a Tuba and a Pig out of fondant at work.  Needless to say, I was pooped by the end of the week.

This week I am making a lilac cake and a doctor’s graduation cake.  This should be a neat week!!  Oh and at work…. I’m creating a Darth Vader cake.  This should be cool!!

May God bless you!!


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