Meet the Ladies

The preparations required weeks to complete.

The hammering, sawing, measuring insured their comfort while they stayed.

One, Two, Three coats of paint and the accommodations beautified.

It was time for the ladies to move into the Dettra abode.

Each dainty and timid in her own way.  Beauty in the eyes of the beholder.  Raw beauty.  The deep coal eyes.  The raven glamour, rustic charm and the freckled refinement outweighs their simplicity.

This weekend, we opened our hearts and our home to 6 beautiful ladies……..

They made their home……..

Our first fresh egg…..

Praise God….


We made the decision to have chickens a long while ago.  The idea of feeding our children the hormones and eggs from “farm factories” scares me.  So, we welcome home 6 divas.  Mark researched and designed a coop and run to make their stay here as comfortable as possible.  So far we haven’t heard any complaints.  Funny though….. I was asked, “Are you going to eat your chickens?”  I replied, “I do not eat family.”

God bless…..



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