Broken Hearts

His little hands signed but his sweet heart cried, “Can God sign?”  Me, all of 20, scanned the room of the 7 little boys I cared for in the dormitory.  Their eyes glued for my answer.  All their hearts wanted to know the same answer.  Can God sign?

I tucked the sheets up under his chin.  I patted his head.  I didn’t know God.  I knew bits and pieces of Him.

Did God sign?

A tragic accident claimed the life of a young soul.  Their friend, classmate, and bunk-mate.  Gone at the swerve of a car hitting him as he gathered the mail.

“I don’t want George to be alone.” his sweet hands moved to the words of his hurting soul.

I didn’t know how we were going to communicate in heaven.

“My mom said God fixed George.” he continued.  Confusion left a burning question on his heart as he boldly signed, “Was George broken?”

How should I answer?  I quietly sat there and pondered.

Today, I will most likely see that young boy, now a grown man.  A dear soul has gone to heaven and today we, together, celebrate her life.  Her life….. a celebration of courage and endurance.  A day to remember her accomplishments, her good deeds, her family in which she held so dear.

But most of all a celebration of homecoming.  Praising God.  God stood by her.  God held her.  God called her home.

My answer then and still remains today, “God doesn’t have to sign.  We will just know what each other needs to say without words or signs.  And as for fixing…… We are the ones broken.  Our hearts are broken because George {and now Barbara} are gone.  We have to let God fix our hearts by loving and caring for one another.”

Today, our broken hearts will say farewell to a beautiful, kind, generous, woman whom possessed God’s perfect love throughout her long battle with cancer.  May the heavens rejoice along with us as well celebrate her life…..our gift from God.

Thank you, God, for sharing Barbara with us.


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