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Hard to believe that 11 years ago, the American life as we knew it changed forever.  The disbelief, fear, and death left an impact and an impression on everyone’s life.  11 years ago……

May today be the day that we make an impact.  May we honor the lives of everyday heroes.  Heroes defined as firemen, policemen, servicemen….. as well as co-worker, friend, mother, father, brother, sister……

May today be the day we leave an impression.  A tender smile that brightens a day.  A homemade goodie bag given to the police officer parked along the road.  An apple given to that special teacher.  A hug.  A card.  Something uplifting.

May today be the day we share love and respect to our neighbors.  Love them like we were commissioned to do.

May today be the day we remember and honor God’s glorious gifts.

God bless……

Tender Touch

 Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak.  She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.”

 Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said,“your faith has healed you.” And the woman was healed at that moment.  Matthew 9:20-22

My phone vibrated with a text message.  My pastor.  I thought how strange to be texting me just an hour or so before church starts.

He found a cat with its head stuck in a Frito bag and it needs help.

My daughter and I have become the “animal rescue” in our little community.  We are always happy to help.  We’ve caught, tamed and nurtured many many strays in our area.

We jumped into rescue mode.  Throwing some clothes on, grabbing the cat carrier and a pillowcase.  Oh and of course, gloves…… feral cats sometimes are not the easiest to catch.

We got to the scene and found the Siamese mix cat that we have tried to catch for months.  It was curled up under a car.  My daughter laid down by the vehicle and started to talk to the poor thing.

“Mom, it isn’t good.”  muffled from under the car.

She talked to it in the most gentle voice.  She reached out to touch it.  It meowed such a weak whimper.  She continued to reassure it as she touched it more and more.

Finally she wrapped her hands around its limp body and pulled it out.  We wrapped it in the pillowcase.  My daughter pulled it close to her chest cradling it like a baby.

It jerked and shook.

“Mom, it needs to be put down.”  Those words fell from her lips as slowly as the tears streamed down her cheeks.  “It is in so much pain, Mommy.”

Mommy….. the word she uses when she needs comfort.

Here at this moment, I prayed for an answer.  We are experiencing a moment that we hoped never would happen.  Rescuing is suppose to help.  This time…. a life was slipping away.

Oh, how many times I have felt like my life was slipping away.  Like it didn’t matter.

I have tried to touch this cat for months.  It always slipped away quickly and out of fear.

Wonder if Jesus felt like I did, when the cat dashed out of sight.  I have been so close and yet didn’t allow Him to catch me.  Like me, Jesus is persistent….. always trying….. always looking for an opportunity.

And then the cat laid dying in the arms of someone who has such a power love for animals.  Her gentle touch and soothing voice moves even the most scarred animal to trust.  Her touch that all the other times had healed.  Now comforted.

Her touch brought trust to the dying animal.  Probably the only time it had felt the human touch.  Within her arms the animal felt like it could end the fight and let go of the fear.

Was it like the relief the woman who bled for years felt the moment she was healed?  Like a hopeless healing…… hope never found until Jesus.

I am very proud of my baby girl.  She looked like a miracle in the making as she worked with the cat.  Yes, the death of the cat weighed on her heart but she knows the comfort it found in her arms.  That healed me…….

God bless……

Text The Message

Okay, today, I saw an interesting little tidbit.  I saw it in a Creative Communications catalog.

Here it is….


Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Regina has had a hard week and has lost her mind.

But hang with me….. here’s another tidbit….


Okay, Okay, Okay, I hear your eyes rolling!!

Xtian is the text message for Christian.  Sorta like the X-mas.  I am not so keen on that.  I know the history of the “X” but still….. in today’s culture “X” is a strike against you.  Ask anyone who has been on “America’s Got Talent.”

But i)x is something different…..

It is baby Jesus in a manger…..

Maybe I am showing my age but take a look at it…… “i” is the baby and “)x” is the manger.

Makes me want to text it.  Facebook it.  Draw it allllll over the place.

So, let’s start something among us “old folks”….. text it to your friends and see if they know it.  Text something like…..

Text “The Message” …..   i)x

Let’s just see how many people can get it…..

Ahem, well, perhaps if a younger person, ahem like my daughter, reads this post she may say, “Mom, you are so behind the times.  Really, Mom, stop trying to be so cool.”  🙂

God bless…….


The butterflies in my stomach felt like vultures.  Between the deep breaths, prayers were uttered.  I held onto the steering wheel until my knuckles ached from all the wringing.

I sat there not wanting to leave the comfort of my van.  My legs rebelled to move.  And the fear that gripped my throat strangled me.

How do I face someone I truly care about with such heavy news?  How do words form to explain why?  Will I fall apart?  Will I be able to say the words?  How do I get through it?

God held me as I asked those questions.  He showed me something…..

The mean kid in elementary school that called me names…… I would run and cry behind the big tree.

The gal on the bus that threatened to beat me up on a daily basis…….I dodged contact with her until I became a nervous wreck outlining other routes to the bus.

The insults that rang throughout the halls of my high school…… I ducked my head down and soaked in those lies as truth.

The countless boyfriends that beat down my esteem…….

The revered “Wacko Woman” that tore my family apart after my mother’s death…… avoidance was how I coped.

The life sucking careers that left me emotionally and spiritually train wrecked…..



I never stood up.  I took it in.  I filed it away as insecurity and low self worth.  But, yesterday, God gently showed me how to rely on His strength.  Three days, not months, not years…. three days and God whispered, “Stand up. Walk away.  You matter more.”

I believed Him.

I stood up for myself.

I faced a conflict.  I confronted on the first day.  I confronted on the second.  On the third, I understood that a professional confrontation would never be respected.  Zibas have a way of not wanting to hear……

I had to give up something I truly enjoyed.

Like a quick pull of a band-aid, it was over.  Empowerment entered.  All those times of shrinking and cowarding overthrown by one empowering moment.  I didn’t buy into the lies of “it will get better.”  I took on the situation even though my heart broke doing it.

Plus….. I heard…..

“Mom, I am really proud of  you.”

That is exactly what warmed my heart and eased the pain of the carpet burns on my old knees.  A hard decision had been made and I felt empowered.  God’s gentle reminders of the past and His everlasting strength held me up to take hold of the bull by the horns.

I left with dignity instead of insecurity.

God bless……


Okay, so like there is this dude in the Old Testament….. in 2 Samuel.  He was a sly one, this Ziba.

He said things to King David and Mephibosheth that they wanted to hear.

He created a betrayal that ran deep.

He wedged himself between King David’s generosity and Mephilbosheth.

He stole.

He lied….. with a smile on his face.

He manipulated situations.

This dude was B. A. D.

He made out like a bandit though…….

I recently experienced a Ziba in my life.  The hurt. The agony.  The betrayal….. broke my heart.

I ended up hurt, betrayed, and feeling lost as a goose.

God wove Ziba into his Word for a reason.  A warning of sorts…..  Take heed of the Zibas in your life and run.  Pull up those big girl panties and escape the flattery, manipulation doomed for betrayal.

Be mindful, my friends.  Zibas are out there waiting to entice and pull you away from God.  The Zibas in my past cut me deep.  I’ve been climbing out of the pit I was left in for years.  This go around; however, I saw.  I prayed.  And I turned away.  Left feeling empowered and stronger than ever.

God bless…..