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Girls night out.  Oh so needed.

Two generations sitting at the coffee shop patio.  Girlfriends.

One cord tying us together.

Each one of us different.  Each coming to the table with various experiences and backgrounds.

One cord though runs through each of our hearts.

One God-Man.

One Holy Spirit.

One perfect Love.

Each One binds together the strongest cord.

That One cord brought us together.

Paths crossed as we worship, study, and pray together.

Christ-following girlfriends of two generations.

When a heart is broken, our cord binds us closer together.

Us Titus women tell stories of experiences that marks us sometimes broken and yet Jesus healed.  Stories told to the next generation with hopes of giving strength and courage to stand strong along side God.

Past mistakes paves the way for the younger generation to understand that life is just one cycle and one roller coaster ride after another.  Sometimes making it hard to handle.  We search for unfound answers.

We come together to piece together answers that sometimes doesn’t make sense yet we draw comfort knowing we have each other.

Put girlfriends together, giggles start.

Our love for one another crosses over that apparent “What is a bluetooth–Wow, I didn’t know my phone could do that–Oh we call that something else in the 80’s” generational gap.  Tonight we are not mothers and daughters.  We are giggling girlfriends binding brokenness the only way we know how through stories and laughter.

2G’s….. two generations of giggling girlfriends.

2G’s with 1cord between them….. tying us together to live life out the best way we know how.  Titus women teaching yet learning so much from those much younger.

2G’s…..Praise God for the godly cord bringing us together.


Only a Number

Never mind the fact that my hair is more grey than brown these days.

Never mind wrinkles appearing no matter how much concealer I apply.

Never mind that although I think I’m “hip” or “cool”, my daughter’s reply is just an eye-rolled “Oh Mother.”

Never mind the fact that I sometimes start a conversation, “Back in my day.”

Never mind the idea that I am beginning to sound like my mother…….

Never mind.

Age is only a number.


Until this week, a dear young lady admired a figurine collection on eBay……

And her words……”Oh man, these are REALLY old!”

Her expression caught the attention of myself and another 40 something……..


In my mind…… REALLY old describes the antique year of 1950 or before……….


No to this dear, young lady……. REALLY old simply means…..



Just a number…… ((sigh)) Yea, right.