Only a Number

Never mind the fact that my hair is more grey than brown these days.

Never mind wrinkles appearing no matter how much concealer I apply.

Never mind that although I think I’m “hip” or “cool”, my daughter’s reply is just an eye-rolled “Oh Mother.”

Never mind the fact that I sometimes start a conversation, “Back in my day.”

Never mind the idea that I am beginning to sound like my mother…….

Never mind.

Age is only a number.


Until this week, a dear young lady admired a figurine collection on eBay……

And her words……”Oh man, these are REALLY old!”

Her expression caught the attention of myself and another 40 something……..


In my mind…… REALLY old describes the antique year of 1950 or before……….


No to this dear, young lady……. REALLY old simply means…..



Just a number…… ((sigh)) Yea, right.


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