A recent conversation with Jesus:

Me:  Okay, we made a budget.

Jesus: Tithe?

Me:  Of course.

Jesus:  Does it hurt?

Me: uhmmmm, No.

Jesus: Do more.

Me: We will be saving for the next car repair….. the new flooring….. my new room.

Jesus:  Do more.

Me:  How can we?  We don’t make enough money.

Jesus:  Are you taking care of the orphans?

Me:  No.

Jesus:  What about the widows like Mrs. Block?

Me:  No….. but…..

Jesus:  What about the needy?  the sick?  the imprisoned?

Me: I get your point.  But I do so much in your name.

Jesus:  I am asking for you to do more.


I couldn’t get around it.  Jesus was right.  I’ve gotten comfortable in my routine.  I knew it the moment I opened the pages of a new way of thinking book.  It’s called 7 by Jen Hatmaker.  She blogs like me.  Think that is what caught my attention.  This was an experiment.  And I haven’t had a blog challenge in a while.

Can you hear God chuckling now?  He’s like…… “Gotcha!”

It was an interesting idea.  7 months living a bare minimum.  Extreme, yes.  And I think the family got a little nervous when I started talking about this book.  It wasn’t going to be long before I had a new challenge and they will feel like I’m torturing them.

Parental rights….. hehehe….. I’m joking.

Cause the joke was on me.

Conviction!  A good dose of it.

God opened me eyes.

I felt sick.


Told my pastor about the book.  Make things better?  Nope.  He told me about a professor he knew that was changing lives by living a bare minimum.  I knew better than to go to him.  God whispered in his ear exactly what I needed to hear.

For weeks now, as I have poured over the pages of this book, I’ve been slammed with the whole “Not of this world–Do not conform–Give until it hurts” notion that Jesus taught.  Between seeing the logo of NTW– Not of this world and every sermon I’ve heard on TV and in the pew, I’ve found myself crying to sleep each night.

I’ve told Mark the book was haunting me.  Then I would confess….. “not haunting but convicting me.”  Then the first lesson in my discipleship class was about what?????  Higher righteousness.  Being more.  Doing more.  Being more effective.


Can you hear God now??  “Are you going to listen to me or what??”

I’m listening.

Family and friends don’t worry.  I’m not going to put my family through anything strange….. not yet anyways!!  LOL  Doing more.  Being more.  And Effecting more.  That’s the plan.

Now I hear God saying…….“Bout time!”

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