Revisiting an Old Friend

I need to confess……  I haven’t been practicing good stewardship.  It became really clear when I was reading the book, 7, by Jen Hatmaker.  Hey, if you haven’t already run out and got a copy, may I suggest you do.  The Saline Co. Library has a copy and so does Central Arkansas Library System.

Sad thing I wasn’t always like this……


Not to worry…. God put 7 in my hands and opened my eyes before it was too terribly late.  So, I called up an old friend, Mr. Budget.

Me:  Hey Mr. Budget how have you been lately?

Mr. B:  Well, looky here….. Long time no see.

Me:  I know.  I’ve been busy.

Mr. B:  What brings you by?

Me:  I’ve been neglecting you and well, I think we need to be close pals again.

Mr. B:  I’m so glad you came back. How can I help you?

Me:  Please get me back on track.

Mr. B:  Welcome back friend.

Here’s the thing…..  I guess I never really paid much attention to how I spend my money and time.  I was budgeting, meal planning, and figuring out how to receive MORE for me and the fam than for God.  I only focused on the financial part of stewardship.  7 has taught me that there is a whole other realm to giving.  And it starts with the financial planning but it doesn’t stop there.

So I have to come up with a new improved plan to follow.  But first things first.  My budget needs a make-over.

Getting away from a solid budget makes it easier to conform to the world’s standard of spending.  American culture says, “Spend. Spend again. Spend more.”  Thanks to Mrs. Hatmaker I understand my pitfalls.   I got a job and still we seemed to be financially unbalanced.  I had the attitude of  “Can’t because there wasn’t any money.”   Ahem.

After about a week of solid crying myself to sleep, I went to Mark and laid it all out.  I explained that God had my attention and we better listen.  I explained that I wasn’t going to put our family through a strange experiment.  He sighed a sigh of relief.  No, that wasn’t the purpose God proposed.  It was to live a richer life that was more than dollars and cents.  It was about enriching other people’s lives.

Good Ole’ Mark….. without a hesitation, he knew exactly what I was talking about.  God blessed me with a wonderful godly man.  And boy do I love that man of mine!

So, this week, Mark and I sat down with the new and improved Mr. Budget.  I found a free Family Budget Planner at Vertex 42.  And we got to work plugging in our expenditures.  And then we set goals.

1.  To have “X” amount of dollars put into Savings by December.

2.  To tithe the 10%….. the whole 10% not a portion here and there to relieve a conscience.  Give until it hurts, not what we can spare.

3.  Tackle debt.

4.  Help others.  We want to live without worry.  We should want that for others,too.

A no-brainer.

Once we plugged in and worked out the goals, we have a jump-start to a richer and enriching life.

Then, I saw the price of milk had gone up AGAIN.  This is going to be harder than I thought.

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