Today's Susie

Yesterday’s Susie Homemaker cooked, cleaned, sewed, canned, baked, ironed, gardened, raised kids, met husband at door with a tender kiss, wore an apron all day, washed, hung clothes out to dry, entertained friends with cute little cucumber sandwiches, polished the appliances and did it all with a smile……

Have times changed?

No, I think we have added so much more to our schedule than our grandmothers or great-grandmothers.  I can not imagine how in the world my great-grandmothers got through the day without washers and dryers and microwaves.  I mean when I clean house I am usually either still in my PJ’s or wearing the good ole ragged jeans!  No pearls on this girlfriend!!

Well, let’s see what image I can Google up that would depict today’s Susie….

Would  you agree?

I guess we could say Susie’s middle name would be Frazzled.  Yep, Susie Frazzled Homemaker. As we take on more and more and more we imagine our selves as Susie SuperMom Homemaker.

  1. Susie SuperMom can handle any situation with sheer determination.  Got a problem, SuperMom to the rescue!!
    Don’t you wish we actually had that cape and the super sonic strength to get everything off the to-do list?
    Did my great-grandmother and my grandmothers secretly keep a cape in her closet?  Nope, she was just as human as this gal writing this blog.  When I look back at the wonderful blessed time I had with my Grandma Cannon whom by the way I have been told by family that I am becoming more and more like her everyday.  Whoop Whoop!  I will be the Log Ride Grandma who can never say no to her grandkids at amusement park!!  My favorite memory was when my brother, cousin, and I convinced Grandma to ride rides at Magic Springs.
    Okay, back on topic……
    Here’s what I have noticed:
    1.  No Clutter
    2.  No Distractions (unless Days of Our Lives is considered a distraction…. oh wait, that is when she crocheted or sewed…. nope no distraction)
    3.  No Debt
    4.  No Frazzled Nerves (unless it was storming…. She was very antsy when a storm blew through)
    And to be honest, I really think #1 and#2 has a direct affect on #3 and #4.  Reason I say that is….. well, if I take a hard and I mean a hard look at my own life there is clutter and distractions that are weighing me down.  It isn’t that I run out of time…… or money…… or nerves….. or space.
    I really think we can make peace and conquer our days, our homes and our lives with a smile without the SuperMom suit.
    So maybe we need to give our Susie Homemaker of 2013 a make-over.  Perhaps incorporating a little more of the ideology and frugality of the Ancestral Susie is the key to keeping the Frazzle away!!

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