The Bug

I am infected….. My home is infested…..

It just embarrasses me to no end!

I’ve tried cleaning.  I’ve tried wishing it all away.

I want my home free and clear of this bug!!

It dwindles only to multiply within minutes.

Sometimes I feel as if there is no hope. No end.

Perhaps, I should just throw my hands up and be done.  Or maybe move.  Oh, but this bug will probably follow me….. it’s clinging on me now.

I hate this bug!

Are you infected and infested as I?  Are you suffering like me?  Is every nook and cranny covered……..


the clutter bug??

Clutter multiplies like rabbits…..  Infests like fleas…..  Irritates…..  Crowds us…… Strangles….. Sucks the life right out of a home.

But here’s the thing…. defines Clutterto fill or litter with things in a disorderly manner.

That is the physical sense….  It is what we see piling up.  It fills every square inch of a counter-top.   That mess scattered from one room to the next.  We climb over it, step around it, and wade through it.

Disorderly….. you know unruly……undisciplined

Clutter–a state or condition of confusion.  

How about that definition?

Would that explain how you feel emotionally?  Can’t find.  Can’t stand it.  Can’t have anyone over.  The shame.  The guilt.  The hopelessness.  It’s like you walk into your home and feel anxious.  Like you want to run.

Is that the way God wants us to live?  Disorderly and confused?

The simple truth is NO.

1 Cor 14:33 says it all…..  God is not a God of disorder but of peace.

So, how do we find that peace?


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