Never Ending

When I was a little girl, my family and I visited a friend in Northwest Arkansas.  While we were there, we went to a park.  There was a merry-go-round.  It was our favorite thing to do……  spinning faster and faster and faster to the point when we all got sick.  In fact when we laid down that night, the bed spun and well, we had the hardest time sleeping.

Would it be safe to say that saving money has the same effect?  Whenever you are on the merry-go-round-out-of-control spending cycle, your debt piles higher and higher.  You can literally get sick from the worry and nauseous over the whole situation.  And naturally, our heads spin out of control with anxiety from the financial uncertainty when it is time to lay our heads down for a restful night’s sleep.

Been there.

Done that.

So you decide to take the bull by the horns and get a handle on this financial disaster.  You do the work…… a budget.  You tell the family that this is the deal…..we have only x-amount of money to spend.  The first week goes swell.  You feel like you can conquer this demon.  Then….


The car breaks down.

You react.  You rearrange the budget and Whew…. you barely make it.


Another unexpected expense comes around the corner and plows you over.

You react.  Not as confident as before.  A seed of doubt plants itself in your mind.


Yet another expense is thrown your way.

This time, the hopelessness takes over.  The seed of doubt has become the size of a tree and you are at your wits end.

And then, you throw in the towel.  You make up your mind that if this is the way it is going to be then by golly you are going to have fun.  Then you plop down the  credit card.  All is well….. ahem until the statement comes in them mail.

And the never ending cycle starts again as you climb aboard the merry-go-round.

Well, I am here to tell you…… it is alright…. to feel that way.  But, may I show you something….. before you were budgeting your money, you never thought twice about limiting your spending.  When you made the budget, you put a cap on your spending.  BRAVO!!  Eventually, you will get up on top of that debt.  You will find financial peace and freedom.  It takes one step, one purchase, at a time.

It feels hopeless right now, but hang in there.  Mark my words, you will see a difference in 6 months.  The spending limit will be natural.  Your savings account will actually have money in it and that credit card debt will begin to shrink.

I have a little secret……  That is Satan pulling you down.  He is telling you that it is impossible.  He wants you to be the slave to debt.  He wants to put a damper on your shining light.

Look at it in terms of weight loss.  It has taken a gal like me years….. I mean YEARS to pile on the pounds.  I have always tried to lose weight.  I would go gun-ho until my first slip up…… then I would throw in the towel.  Eventually the weight I had lost has made new friends and all took up residency around my waist.  But, with the strength and power of God, I got over the first hurdle and I haven’t looked back.

Your financial situation can be overcome.  Look, it will be hard and require more work than you have ever imagined.  But, trust me, to have peace and a good night’s sleep is well worth it.  Keep up the good work and I will be praying for a hedge of protection for you.

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