Amazed Beyond Words

Okay, so last week, I pulled out the old pity-party hats and streamers……

1.  Our jeep decided to just quit.

2.  Our car decided to loose battery power due to a faulty connection.

3.  Taxes.  Taxes. Taxes.

4.  Bakery Bank Account Bust.

5.  Bills. Bills. Bills.

6.  Slow business.

7.  Slower business.

8.  Even slower business.

My list piled up high.  Even though I repeatedly repeated my new slogan, “I will trust God.”

I literally stood in the stockroom at the bakery and cried out.  “Oh, God help me.”  It was a snotty blubbering sob.

I felt defeated.  Like a failure.  And completely upset in the lesson of humility I was being taught.


Then I received a call.  My pest control guy….. by the way he is a friend and fellow Sunday School class attendee….. My first reaction and thought??  “Great, another bill.”

Ahem.  PITY PARTY!!!

“Mrs. Regina.  I just wanted to tell you how much you inspire me.  Your blog yesterday….. hit the target.  You are such an inspiration……”

Tears.  Oh, God not the tears!!  I was holding back the flood gates.

“I just want to let you know that I have been right where you are…… and my advice is to remember what is imprinted on a penny…… You know what a penny says right??”

Warning: Flood Gates opened………

“In God We Trust.   Every time you see a penny…. remember what it says.”

Ironic.  I have bawled and squalled over money.  And it takes someone to point out what the money says.  It doesn’t say Trust in Money….. Trust in full bank accounts…… Nope.  Ironic I dare say.

I sobbed out a thank you as best as I could.  (He probably thinks I need to be committed…… smile.)

God was sending my own words of trust right back to me.

Then the mail came……  And with it…. came dread, shame, and utter disgust.

I found myself right back in the middle of that same old pity party.

My phone whistled.  Great.  Now who wants me???

A friend sent the text.  “Hey, thought you might need to hear this….. God has a plan for you.  Keep your head up.”

Warning:  Flood Gates opened…. A.G.A.I.N!!

Isn’t it something how God likes to send us those encouraging messages. I mean…. both friends answered God’s nudge and sent those encouraging words.  It was amazing beyond my belief.  God never fails to amaze me with His timing.

I finally dried my eyes and faced the day.  But this time, I had support beyond measure.  I felt stronger.  I felt redeemed.  I felt His presence.  I wasn’t alone.  My plea for help was answered.

I mean I ain’t gonna lie….. I was kinda hoping for the sky to open up and dollars rain down.  I mean God is a God of miracles…..  🙂

But the help I really needed came from those who believe in me.  Those who love me….. Those who stepped up and encouraged me.  That is what I needed.

Sometimes, it amazes me how much God really puts up with me and those pity parties.  Maybe I need to send Him more invitations……

Just maybe then He will open up the sky…….. oh wait.  He already did.

Grace rained down.

God Bless……..

3 thoughts on “Amazed Beyond Words

  1. God always provides, even when you think that he doesn’t. There were times 5 years to be exact) I wasn’t sure if I could feed Laura and I; but, I did. If I hadn’t been in church I would not have made it. God loves you!


  2. “I love you to the moon and back!”
    Keep your faith! Keep your head held high! You are a wnderful creature God has made for His purpose!❤️


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