To some, I have a problem……. ahem……  To others, I am considered a pet lover……. ahem…….. But, many agree…….. I am just plain ole Chicken Crazy!!

Yes, I love my Poultry Divas.  I have them free foraging in my back yard.  Each evening, I go out on my back porch and sing……  “Oh, Laaaaaaddddddiiiiiieeeeesssss.”  My five hens waddle up to the porch knowing full well, this Chicken Crazed Woman is about to give them a tasty treat like dry cat food, meal worms, or crickets.

Ahem…… the cat food…… is NOT chicken flavored.  Nope, Tuna.   Do think I am sick or something????

Anyways, I love my divas!!  Mrs. Chicken is the oldest of the brood.  I have had her for almost 5 years.  She is my favorite.  She’s sassy.  She’s spoiled.  And she knows it!!  Yes, I have been known to rock her in my rocker……. yes, I guess it does sound like I’m off my rocker!  But she likes to snuggle.  And, I only spoiled her when it was just her.  Now that I have a total of 5 Poultry Divas, I can’t play favorites.  Right?  That is the most responsible mom thing to do!

So, gotta tell ya about “molting”.  I will never forget the day I went out to the coop of my original divas—Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Chicken, Eva Gardner, and Red, and saw feathers every where!  I panicked.  My heart sank.  They all looked so sickly.  I ran inside to the mastermind of all chicken care…..Mr. Google.  And I learned about what they call “molting.”

Here is Mr. Google’s answer to my “Why do my chickens look sickly and losing their feathers??” panic stricken question.

So don’t panic when your chickens start losing their feathers and stop laying eggs.Molting is a normal and natural process of shedding feathers and re-growing them that all chickens go through. The best thing you can do to help your chickens through molt is to feed a high quality, high protein layer feed.

Whew, I was scared.  I thought I was gonna have be Annie Oakley and get a gun after the critter that was harmin’ my divas!!

Fast forward 5 years and I can tell you the point of this here old blog post…….

Molting is changing.  It is a normal process.  NORMAL!  Get that….. N. O. R. M. A. L.  Normal.  All chickens do it.  Big ones, Little ones, Black ones, Red ones and yes even Spoiled ones.

And we are a lot like our fine feathered ladies.  We have to go through change.  We have to.  We need to accept it.  Doesn’t matter what kind–financial, health, age, empty-nesting, turning over new leaves, new jobs, new homes, healthy lifestyles……. the change list can go on for hours, so I will spare you.  But change happens.  Regardless.

We can throw ourselves down like the two year old in us and kick, scream, or cry.  But it ain’t gonna change anything.  Change comes whether or not if we are ready.

Sometimes change is so rough that we look like my orange hen here……..

img_3237         img_3231

Ragged.  Worn.  Jagged.  Jaded.  Tired.  Sickly.  Just plan–Yucky.  We feel just about as ugly as we look when we are faced hard change.

But, here’s the good news……. Mr. Google said to feed the ladies a high protein diet to help them through the molting.  Ahem….. see where I am going???  Yes, folks, when we are in a molting phase, we have to give ourselves high quality nourishment.  And where exactly do we get this??  The Bible…. plain and simple.  God’s word feeds us.  When we are down and out, ragged and torn, a good dose of God’s word will fix what ails ya!

Feed on God’s word and in no time your feathers will be back fluffy, healthy, and strong.  Look at Mrs. Chicken’s tail feathers and Bossy Britches’ next to Orange Lady.  Orange will be just as beautiful in a few more weeks’ time.



Don’t you just love chickens??  I do!!  God bless and please, look for God in the little things…… like chickens!!

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