Lost and Cooked Goose….

Recently, I visited the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  I volunteered to find a vending machine to retrieve a diet soda.

If anyone out there knows me I am directionally-challenged.  I get lost so easily.  Guess that is why we live in an area in which I grew up…… hard to get lost if you already know the place.  In fact, when Mark’s parents lived in upstate New York, they lived in a charming little subdivision with all these cute little twists and turns.  I got lost just riding along with Mark and his family.  And the one time, I needed to run to the little gas station for milk; I left stating, “If I am not back in an hour come looking for me!”

I get turned around so easily that it isn’t funny.  So for me to venture out to find a coke machine with an attitude of “I got this”……. to say the least got really interesting…… really quick.

I left the room and counted how many lefts then rights I made.  I vocalized the colors of the walls and the hall signs.  I was determined to get back without getting lost.  Now, I knew the lay of the land from back when our son was there. But it didn’t take me long to figure out it had been ….. 10 years ago.  Things have changed.  DRAMATICALLY!!

Left….. left….. right……. right…… oh look daisies on the wall…….. right……. right…….. left…….

I was determined NOT to get lost.  But guess what happened?  Yep, I found myself back at the daisies and wondering if somehow I missed a turn or two.  So then, what every respectable lost woman does began to fall from my mouth…….

Excuse me?  Where is the nearest vending machine?

Getting directions, I set out for yet another long walk.

Now I knew full well, that there was a little coffee shop near the front entrance……. thing is…… I had no idea where that was.

I kept walking.  Stopping people and asking them for directions.  This building is only a street block wide, one would think that with four sides I could find the entrance!!  So then I realized I was walking in a circle.  I kept passing this one nurse.  Strange really.  I had to ask was I meeting myself coming or going???

I winded around the corridors thinking that I would eventually find the coffee shop and there was the gift shop….. no wait…… that wasn’t it.  I was at a resource center of some sort.  So I got the bright idea to pull out my phone and text the awaiting party for a diet soda.

I am lost.

So grumbling to myself and not realizing I was actually verbalizing the– All I had to do was get a coke!–this sweet lady stopped next to me and asked, “Do you know the south wing?  It has orange dots.  I am so lost.”

I started laughing out loud.  Yes, this poor woman was asking me, the one that can’t find a vending machine to save her life, where the south wing was!!  I barely could catch a breath from the laughing…… I kept shaking my head and laughing.  Then, she gave me the look.  You know the one……I better find security look. I tried getting myself together and finally got the words out….. “Oh honey, I am as lost as a goose.  Do you know where I can get a soda?”

Then she pointed out on the wall…… I felt so stupid…… a little arrow and “Cafeteria” were right there as plain as sight.  I jumped  for joy.  Then I politely wished her well finding the south wing.

I will spare you the whole….. me shaking locked “staff only” doors, begging someone to show me to the area I once was in, and being absolutely beyond thrilled to see the daisies on the wall just before I almost cursed  yet, another, locked door…….

Let’s just say–I made it back to the car.  Yes, that’s right….. I never got back to the room.  I just texted my friend and explained that I will be at the car waiting…….I found the exit door and I was tickled pink.

There is nothing like the sinking feeling of being lost.  Your heart pounds.  Your stomach flips.  There is this confusion that only comes when you are lost.  You know what I am talking about……. okay maybe you don’t, but us directionally-challenged peeps do!  It isn’t fun.

I have felt that way recently.  I mean even though I physically wasn’t lost…… I was most definitely spiritually lost.  Not that I thought I lost my salvation….. No, just that I had lost my direction.  I thought I was making thorough notes along the way but I got distracted with the “daisies” along the route.  By the time I realized it, my goose wasn’t just lost; it was cooked.

I was head strong and determined to do this my way.  That was my first mistake.  I didn’t slow down long enough to really listen to the directions.  And when someone asked me to help them out on a spiritual matter–I was so far gone lost that all I could do was laugh at the idea that they were asking me for assistance.

It has been a struggle but I have managed to get back on the right path.  I know it is right because the sinking, lost feeling has subsided and replaced with pure peace.

So, hey, stay on the right path.  Don’t veer off and get lost as I have…… I mean look for God in the little places in life–just don’t get distracted by the daisies!!


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