Teachering 101

This morning, I sprung out of bed…… late, again.  These cooler temps keep me under the covers a bit longer than normal.  Anyways, while laying there wondering if today was going to be a good day or a day I wish I had stayed in bed, I prayed a little prayer.  Just a tiny one…… God be there today.  Fill me up and send me out, Lord.

You know, last week was hard.  And after I emptied my mental cart and just left “speak and motivate” in there, my outlook on everything has changed.  First thing Monday morning, I realized it was going to require me to purge the cart several times every day to keep it clean of trash. It wasn’t going to be an easy task either.  Ummmm if you haven’t read that blog, click right here and it will take you there.

So God be there today.  Fill me up and send me out, Lord. came out of my mouth and then I added, Motivate me to motivate.  Speak to me what I need to speak, because you know I want to follow God’s plan…… like a good girl.

Well, 8:00 am came…….. the little darlings (oh wait–the middle schoolers) were walking into the school building.  It was hard not to groan but I managed and whispered……..Motivate me to motivate…..  Speak to me what I need to speak………. God needs to hand me brownie points for praying instead of grumbling…… Just saying.

The students filed in and class began.  We were doing all kinds of reading and writing….. it was just a big old English class party up in there!!  Now, we have been reading one of my favorite books, FEVER 1793.  We have just gotten to the part where the first death has happened and the main character’s reaction to the death was creating an English teacher’s dream…… a deep discussion.  Of course there was an expression used that left the kids a little puzzled…… “gone too far.”  The main character’s behavior with her mother had definitely gotta a little heated so we were discussing what those 3 words meant.

Of course, right in the middle of this discussion, I realized something……..  I signed……

Hold on!  Wait….. before we go any further.  I have a connection.  I have to say something important so listen up…….

Here’s the funny thing….. I turned to a student and said…..

I forgot to tell you thank you.  Last week, you said something to me that is still repeating in my heart. You made the statement, “Mrs. Dettra, I don’t like seeing you NOT smiling.”

Bless this student’s heart.  The kid just sat there uncomfortable and awkward wondering where in the world I was going with this……

Ya’ll last week was not a good week for me.  I know I wasn’t myself and so thank you for pointing that out to me because it made me stop and think if I had let my emotions go too far.

Wasn’t that a brilliant English teacher move??…… tying in last week, showing gratitude, and even using the words we need to discuss……  sometimes, I am amazed!!  I am just teasing….. I hope I am not that vain!!

I really don’t know who needed to hear this…… me or them.  I am banking on me.  I was in a horrible funk.  I was.  There was no question that Pam’s death even though it was two years ago had truly threw me in a tail spin.

I knew that my mood can carry the tone of my classroom.  I know it.  It is teachering class 101.  Happy teachers make happy students.  It is hard sometimes.  And let’s just say I am glad last week is over.  And I promised the student that I would be all smiles again.  Let me just tell ya…… I am.

Don’t you just love a transparent life??

So remember that little prayer I prayed……  God be there today.  Fill me up and send me out, Lord.  Motivate me to motivate.  Speak to me what I need to speak.  Well, by the end of the day, God was showing out……  He was there.  He filled me up and sent me out.  All day today, I saw him in the students’ faces.  They were eager to write for me instead of being the typical middle schoolers moaning and gagging at the request.  He was using me to show the kids that writing can be cool and creative.  And then…….

I friend struggles and God puts me right there to give my testimony.  I got chills ya’ll.  He sent me out.  Me with my little cart of two items God has given me…… Speak and Motivate.  I just knew at one point someone was going to shove the cart somewhere with my cool collective jive self!  Give me about a week and this will have played out….. I promise.

So a coworker and I were chatting in the hall……. We were talking shop about one thing or another.  We were both almost “gone too far” when I stopped and said……

I don’t know much but I do know that if I can motivate the kids to pick up a book and read.  Just getting excited about reading.  I know I have done what I needed to do…….

His reply– There’s the Regina I know.  Amazing isn’t it how God just shows up the in the little things of life.  We just have to look for Him.

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