Sweet Whispers

The alarm didn’t have to jolt me from my slumber this morning.  I awoke long before the alarm had the chance.  Perhaps my prayer of “God get me out of bed early” was answered or just perhaps, since I didn’t stay up to 1-2am reading, I actually got the slumber I needed.

At any rate, I got up, got dressed, grabbed my sneakers, and took a morning walk.  I had a goal this morning–20 minutes without dying.  Yeah, sadly, I am a bit out of shape and haven’t truly walked in a long long while.

As my trusty sneakers pattered along the pavement this morning.  The sunrise peeked through the trees.  The sweet songbird melodies welcomed me but not as an intruder in this morning’s concert.  My presence was meant to be there capturing God’s sweet good morning kiss.

 Pounding down the road, I reached the fence post.  My breath stolen not from the exercise but rather from the sweet dew.  The field glistened and my heart filled with joy.  I became aware of my heart pounding.  I am blessed with a new day.  For that, I am grateful. Grateful for the chance to witness smiles of strangers, steal a moment to write, and to spend time engrossed in my thoughts.


As I turned off the paved road onto the country drive, my heart stopped.  Luckily, my goal was still in play–I am not dying from the exercise but my heart stopped at the sight of the beautiful fog stretching across the morning field.  I just wanted to stand there (maybe to catch my breath) to be still.  Still in God’s glory.  I scanned the canvas God painted for me.  I couldn’t believe that the beauty was for me alone to see.

I stood there for a while listening to the sweet whispers of the breeze through the trees and the soft pitter patter of pawed feet walking near.  Two dogs have joined me in the view.  Their silence was golden.  They just walked up and sat near me.  Probably wondering what this out of breath human was looking at.  

Beautiful, isn’t it?  I asked my companions.

I turned and walked away.  The two ran along in the dewy grass.  Our day was about to begin.

Upon returning home, I said a little prayer of thanks.  God was surrounding me this morning and I felt His presence.

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