16 Years!

Hard to imagine that 16 years have passed since my beloved son was born.  At the time I am writing this…… was the time he came into this world.

His first year was tough on us…… Mark and I.  Not for  him….. he was a fighter.  His strength was immeasurable.  Years 2-5 were battles.  His hearing.  His speech.  His VPI:  Velopharyngeal Insufficiency.  But again, his strength and perseverance held strong.  His parents went through those years fueled by caffeine and sleepless nights.  The hospital stays alone were enough to push us over the edge…… but not our boy.  He took everything in stride.  Smiling. Laughing. Showing everyone his silly personality.

He overcame.

We have watched this sickly little boy grow into this beautiful soul of a young man.  His temperament is still the same but intertwined with the occasional tribal teenage grunts. His accomplishments have left me in awe.  His kind heart and gentle soul warms those around  him.  His competitiveness and game playing astonishes us all.  His laugh is more infectious than when he was little.

Everyday, I whisper (cause ya know it ain’t cool for a young man’s mom to do this) “I love that boy!”

Happy Birthday!! May God continue to bless you as you have blessed me!

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