Okay, so if you have ever met a Middle School teacher, you know the term, “Booyah!”

We MS teachers have a knack of showing off or showing out.  It is in our nature.  Look we are amongst preteens and new-teens all day long.  Their, “It’s all about me” culture kinda rubs off on us.  It happens.  Just accept it.

And if you have ever been around a group of MS teachers you will hear lots and lots of proud boasting of students’ accomplishments.  We love to talk one up each other around the lunch table.  We compare stories, notes, and those pesky habits we seem to find in all of our students past, present and yes, even future.

We love to share stories about our students.  Bragging rights.  Well earned if you ask me.  So an occasional BOOYAH is tossed around the table……. Ummmmm have you met a middle schooler?  That’s the way they are……again…. rubbed of onto us…… ahem.  Seriously.  I promise.

So last night I ran across this little gem…..

“If you want to boast, boast only about the LORD.” 1 Corinthians 1:31

Powerful.  Imagine if the lunch table conversations were about what the Lord had done that day.  We don’t think twice about bragging on our students.  Why don’t we brag about God?

Bragging is one thing over accomplishments….. adding “I taught that kid everything” attitude becomes dangerous.   It is that age old attitude problem we humans tend to get.  We boast to boost ourselves up emotionally and socially.

Just think what would happen if we actually gave the credit to God.  That would be a game changer for sure.

Maybe we should give God the high five Booyah! Do it.  I dare ya!

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