A New Year With a New Set of Words

Each and every year, I get a journal.  And that journal is my go to place to jot down anything that crosses my mind, quotes I hear that makes me think, and my deep dark secrets that has caused me to woe.

Last year’s journal was pretty bare.  Seems like the bitter brick wall had taken the joy out of writing in my journal.  Even the busyness of my week of work, college studies, and being a wife/mom has taken me away from the writing I love.

But like the new year brings new hope it also comes with a new journal…..

Don’t you just love it??  It is really screams– REGINA!!

Come on…. you knew it had to have chickens on it.

I can’t wait to start writing in it.  I have been under some major writer’s block behind this old bitter brick wall and busy lifestyle.

As usual I wrote a little note to 2019 on the first page.  Trying so hard to stay focused on Philippians 4:8 as I jotted a quick verse.

I pray that I have at least loosened a brick.  It feels as if I have.

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