Let me introduce myself. I am Regina Dettra. I am a writer, speaker, teacher, and motivator. My life is an open book of hopes, dreams, trials and failures. But most of all I love Christ. I love God and I want to share how He has made a big impact in changing my life.

I began my “Yes, Lord.” journey when I invited Jesus into my life when I was 11. I didn’t really understand the meaning of salvation until much later in life. My life’s journey has brought me so many joys. I met my husband, Mark, over the internet in 1993. God’s mighty hand was in the whole courtship over the 1300 miles between Mark and I. Truly, a God send in more ways than imagined. We married in ’95 and have two beautiful children who are blessings kissed by God, himself.

Teaching for 11 years at the Arkansas School for the Deaf encouraged me to lead a life through prayer. After a few years of battling teacher burn out, I relied on God’s path to carry me into ministry. I left teaching and became a Children’s minister. Again, I was traveling the “Yes, Lord” journey. But, His path didn’t end at Children’s Ministry. God wanted more and my answer was undoubtedly, “Yes, Lord.” He spoke these three words, “Speak and Motivate.” Without any doubt, today, I am a motivational speaker.

Through my speaking and writing I encourage others to take a look at their Christian lives. I examine Christian family values in a tangible and reachable method. I ask women to take a defining look at their own lives as mothers, wives, and Christian women by motivating them to examine the Proverbs 31 wife and inspiring them to become women of noble character. Through my humorous take on my life’s stories, I become a living but laughable example of following Christ and God’s plan.

I promise to show you how saying, “Yes, Lord” can be life changing and a journey you will treasure.