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Tired Days and Crazy Nights


Okay, I know that you have missed me over the past couple of days.  This week has been one of those wish-I-could-start-over weeks.  A week of bad Mondays is perhaps a better way to describe this week.  Of course, Sunday-Tuesday we were up late watching the weather.  My heart goes out to all those in the southern states neighborhood.

I guess those stressful nights caused weary sleeping habits because, I’ve been drained all week.  I know I was like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Nervous.  Scared.  Afraid to move away from the TV.

So then there was Wednesday night.

Let me start off with an image…  How many of you have seen America’s Funniest Videos??  I just love that show!  I laugh for an entire hour each and every Sunday evening!!  My son calls it, “Mom’s laughing show.”  Okay so anyway, I know you have seen people fall on that show…  You know the ones that stumble and running to keep from falling.  As they gain momentum the harder they fall….  Alright.. keep that image in your head.

Now if you recall, I have two spaniels and two labs.  The labs are referred to as “The Boys.”  They are sweet and well… lovable.

Here’s Domino.  He is the rowdy younger lab.  He.. well.. let’s just say he must have skipped out the day God passed out intelligence.

the boys 004


And then there’s Stewart.  He is our Deaf lab.  He is much older than Domino but has a passion to dig.  If he would come out of the holes you would see that he is a beautiful white dog.


This is about all we see of Stewart on a daily basis!

Well, Wednesday night the boys trapped some critter under our shed.  I was awakened by a tools crashing, dogs barking, and just the most awful racket.  I jolted out of bed, found shoes and grabbed a flashlight.  The boys were circling the shed and stopping to dig out from the edge of it.   It took me at least 20 minutes and several dog bones/treats to convince them both to go to the back door.  It was decided they were going to sleep in the garage.  I managed to get Stewart in the garage without any problem.  But Domino was another story all together.  He went into his dog house and refused to leave.

I threw in the towel and woke Mark.  Mark finally won the Mexican standoff.  Domino came into the house and instead of going into the garage, he turned to go down the hall to the bedroom.  I leaped into action.  I reached out to catch him.  I tripped over Ginger, our spaniel, and did the AFV’s stumbling, running, gaining momentum and trying to catch myself going down the hall.




I hit the wall, door frames, and the floor.  Domino watched in horror.  Mark ran to help me.  Domino must have thought his last day on earth had approached because he let himself out the back door.  Beautiful graceful, Regina had done it again.  I have the carpet burns to prove it.  I have hurt all over for two days now!!

Needless to say.. Domino has been extra friendly to me.

As for last night.. Mark said I was giggling all night long in my sleep.  I woke him up and funny thing is.. I have no idea what was so funny!! Maybe my trip down the hall was playing on AFV!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!  I am headed out to a community wide yard sale tomorrow morning!!  This is my favorite time to bargain shop!

God Bless…

Holy Celebration



Today is Maundy Thursday.  Our Easter celebrations begin to intensify starting today.  I will not be posting tomorrow because it is Good Friday.

I have some really great activities that you may want to enjoy with your family.  These activities are recipes that tells a story.  They are a lot of fun!

Scripture Cake

This cake is based on scriptures found in the Old Testament.  It is like a fruit/spice cake.  I have made it before and really enjoyed looking up the scriptures with my kids to see if they could figure out what the ingredient is..

scripture cake recipe

Seder Meal

This is the Last Supper.  It is a Jewish tradition for the Passover meal.  I have found this wonderful website that has examples of what to serve as well as the Passover Prayers.  This is  an unique opportunity to share with your children what Jesus might have been eating for his last supper.  Visit the website by clicking here.

last supper

Empty Tomb Cookies

This year, I am going to make these cookies with my kids.  I have always wanted to but just never have.  You will read a story while making the cookies.  The story is of Christ’s crucifixion and the resurrection.  The recipe and story can be found here.   And this is what the cookies look like when finished.. an empty tomb.

empty tomb cookies

Enjoy your Easter celebrations.  May God be the center of your weekend.  God Bless…

Bean Bags

My step-nephew just turned three.  I made the Thomas the Train cake for his party.  I hate to brag but… gee, I did a great job on that cake!!  See..

102_4662Well, you know, for his gift, I wanted to give him something different.  Every little one has the newest and the best right??  I opted for something a little old fashioned and of course homemade!

For one Christmas my granny gave my daughter a set of bean bags she had made and a plastic bowl.  Both of my kids spent hours playing with that simple game of bean bag toss.  So, off to the scrap material drawer and pantry I went!  I made 6 bean bags… well 3 rice bags and 3 popcorn bags.. I didn’t have any beans!!  I purchased a set of plastic bowls from Dollar General (2 for $1)!  What a steal!!

Now, I am thinking… what a neat Easter basket treat for the little ones!!  They are so simple to make!

1.  Cut 4 inch squares out of material.

2.  With the right sides of the material together, sew three of the 4 sides together.  Clip the corners and trim the edges.

3.  Turn right side out and fill with beans, rice, or popcorn kernels.

4.  Tuck the edges inside, pin, and sew that baby right up!

Easy!  Easy! Easy!

Now, get to sewing!!!

Enjoy your Thursday!  I know I will!  God bless….

Downtown 2011!!


Yesterday, I shared our first stop for the annual trip downtown.  Central High was an awesome experience.  I hope you check out yesterday’s post and read all about it.

We spent 2 hours at Central and we were famished.  We headed to the Clinton Presidential Library lawn for our picnic lunch.  Remember our downtown trip is a cheap trip.  Our goal is to spend as little as possible and still have a great time exploring Little Rock.

100_4594Of course after a great lunch, what is more fun than a giant hill to run down???  The lawn is built next to the Arkansas river bank.

100_4595 100_4597

After a few minutes of running up and down the giant hill, we began our adventure along the Sculptural Promenade.  Here’s a few of the sculptures we found:

100_4599 100_4601 100_4603


Then of course we had to visit the Nature Center.  It is free and there’s live animals!  The kids love it!!  I don’t care for the snakes!


I spent $2.25 on souvenirs.  The girls got tiny bugs and the young man of our group got a bird whistle.  I couldn’t resist.

We left the Nature Center and went down to the playground.  The girls made comments like, “We are too big for most of the stuff.”  ((sniff))  My girls are grown up!!  Don’t like it!!  Now our little guy loved climbing and sliding and having a ball.

100_4610We walked down to the Old State House.  But we had to cross a creepy old (wooden) walk bridge over 4 lanes of traffic.  It was a little scary!!

100_4614The Old State House was the first capital building in Arkansas.  It was the headquarters for Bill Clinton’s election night.    The girls had fun.  They even pretended to be Representatives.  My little guy got creeped out and begged me to go back downstairs by the door.  He said he didn’t like the place.  So the girls explored and we checked out the gift shop.. by the front door.

100_4616 100_4617

Next stop… The Peabody Hotel.  They rode the elevator and escalators.

100_4620 100_4622 100_4625

The kids were tired and hungry by this time.  So we walked to the River Market and had ice cream.  Ahem.. they did anyway.  I gave up such luxuries for lent.

100_4632 100_4634 100_4635


We spent $7.50 for the cones.  Yikes I know… but worth every bite… so I’m told.

And you won’t believe this!  We were walking to the River Market and ran into fellow Sardis peeps!!

100_4631So after the ice cream, we had to ride the trolley!  It is a 30 minute ride through the River Market area and North Little Rock.  It is air conditioned and a great place to rest tired feet. Tickets for the trolley were $4.50.

100_4643And that is when the batteries died in my camera.  But we visited the public library and then headed home.  Another great year  downtown!!  The conversation on the ride home made me smile:

Friend:  I can’t believe people told me that downtown is boring.

Daughter:  Yeah.  They just don’t know how to have fun.

Friend:  It is fun friends that make it great!

Daughter:  You’re so right!


Friend:  I was asked how much money I was taking to Little Rock today.  When I told them none, we did free stuff.  They laughed at me and said I couldn’t have fun without spending a lot of money seeing things.

Me:  It isn’t the money spent but how the day is spent.

Friend:  Yeah, you’re right.  I love how we spend it together!


Little Guy:  Mom, I’m hungry!  What’s for dinner?


It was a wonderful day.  Full of good memories and BIG smiles!!

100_4646 100_4647

The grand total for the day’s events… $14.25!  It was worth every penny!  Can’t wait until next year!!

God Bless….

Central High


Our first stop on our grand downtown adventure was Little Rock Central High.  Perhaps, my bloggy friends from other parts of the US and the world have heard about the 1957 Crisis at Central High.  When 9 African-American high school students were sent to the all white Central High, Little Rock became the center of mass media and the civil rights movement.

My mother was a junior that year.  I grew up hearing stories about the 1957 crisis, the school closing, and how she was robbed of the title Valedictorian at the high school where she attended her senior year.  Mother talked about the importance of an equal education.  She said that it was one of the reasons she became a teacher.  She told us about the big debate every night on whether or not my grandparents were going to allow them to attend school the next day.  There was so much violence and anger surrounding Central that my grandmother feared for her safety.

Before we left the house yesterday, I pulled out my mother’s yearbook.  I showed the kids a little part of history.  I think they thought it was pretty cool but didn’t understand the magnitude until they visited the museum.  It was just a yearbook with some really funny looking pictures.  But history made a point with them the minute they walked up to the building.

100_4588Magnificent isn’t it??  The majesty of the 1927 building is so breathtaking!!

Here’s a cute picture…

100_4571 The museum had an old fashioned black dial phone.  My son had never seen one.  He asked me, “How does this work?”  I explained that back in the old days you had to dial the number.  He thought it was sooooo cool waiting for the dial to move around before dialing the next number.  I felt so old!



I found this picture kinda cool.  It was showing the year they closed the school.  Mom was a member of the “Lost Year.”  My mom had to drive 30 minutes to Mabelvale High School.  She said that the faculty and students of Mabelvale were not very friendly.  They felt invaded.  Sadly, it was the only option.

Later, Mabelvale High School became the Jr. High that I attended.  It was cool going to the same school as my mother.  Knowing the history and mom’s trials, though, made it bittersweet.

100_4591 This is the gas station that was the meeting place for the picketing and the media storm.  What I found interesting….

100_4592 The price of gas!!!!!!!!!!  The pump didn’t even have a “dollar” amount!!!!

100_4576 100_4586 100_4577

It is spring break so we got to walk all around the school building.

100_4579 When I took this picture, I got a little emotional.  I realized that my mother had walked on these grounds so many years ago.  It was a place in her personal history that had made a powerful impact on her.  It shaped her into the teacher she became.  And my dear sweet children were standing on those grounds.  I whispered softly to mom how proud she would be of her grandchildren.

100_4589 Three generations have now stood on these grounds.

Come back tomorrow and I will share the other events of Downtown 2011!!

God Bless…