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Our Green Friend

Need a little folate, potassium, and vitamin A in your diet?  How about manganese?  All four vitamin and minerals are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let me introduce to you our green friend who has all of those…..

Mr. Zucchini.

I love eating him raw in salads, sauteed with a tad of butter and sliced onions, and in zucchini bread.

Last week, I was tickled to death to see zucchini on sale.  67 cents a pound!  Almost unheard of!  I decided to stock up on the zucchini bread!  It is great for dessert or breakfast.  And it freezes well!

So here’s how you make it….

Beat your eggs and add your oil…..

Gotta add your sugar….

Oh, I used a low calorie sugar blend.  The calories in one cup of sugar is a scary 720.  With this low calorie blend it is only 288.  That makes me smile.

Add your spices and flour….

Now it is time for the honored guest, Mr. Zucchini, to make his debut…..

Shred him up!

And throw him into the mixture! Mix away!! Then of course put the batter in two loaf pans.

Bake it for 45 minutes and then enjoy!!

Again, the bread can be frozen and enjoyed later when you get a craving for something homemade and yummy!!

Genesis 1:29
Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

God bless……





Valentine's Day

This morning, I made cinnamon biscuits.  I rolled out the dough and cut it into heart shapes……

Like my heart has been shaped…. God uses experiences, people and His perfect love to shape my human heart. There are some calluses, cracks, and dents.  All the same He has bound up my wounds.

I drizzled the glaze over the heart shaped biscuits.  Its sweet yumminess soaked into the warm bread.

God pours His sweetness, kindness, and compassion over my broken heart.  He fills the cracks and craters left behind.  He soaks into my heart.

Lastly, I sprinkled hugs and kisses all over.  Just the perfect topping to this delicious Valentine.

Oh, I couldn’t live without God’s heavenly kisses and hugs. There have been many nights I held His word close to my chest.  Hugging it like a lost child returned to its mother.  I cling. I hold on for dear life.  Desperately thankful for Him.  In prayer, I have felt His “Oh Dear Child” kiss upon my head.  A father’s loving kiss.

May God bless you and shower you with His love on this Valentine’s Day.


278.09 Miles and Biscuits

Well, I guess our Walk Across America should have been called Walk Across North America because Google’s walking directions have us entering Canada twice on our route to California. This week we entered Canada for the first time and after walking 57.32 miles we ended up near Newport, Québec, Canada. We’ve walked a total of 278.09 miles and are 8.22% of the way to our destination.

I look at the piles of cut hair across our living room floor.  Dog hair.  Enough off of the spaniels to make a third dog.  One cowers to the sound of clippers. The other worries himself into a seizure.  So, I clip with scissors.  A long haircut.  About an hour to sit, cut, and sooth with mother tones.  Both hate their feet touched. Pains me to know what they have endured.

No more.

Love is stronger.

I clip.  I softly say, “I love you.”  I caress the scared canines.  Shaking.  Worry in their eyes.  As much as I try to comfort, their worried eyes dart away.  Long ago fear captures their hearts.

Yet they lay.  Allow me to clip away the matted hair and shape those sweet soft ears.

Will my love for each of them ever cure their fear?

Wounded forever.

They are a lot like me….. those sweet wounded spaniels.

I am wounded.

I am afraid.

I worry.

Wonder after God whispers, “I love you,” does he ask the same thing?  Will my love for her ever cure her fear?

Fear of loss.

Fear of tragedy.

Fear of pain.

Funny.  I make dog biscuits just for them on Monday mornings.  Peanut butter and oatmeal.  Tasty.

This morning after clipping and bathing, I hand them comfort in the form of a biscuit.

This will make it all better……

Comfort in the form of a biscuit.

Why not a hug?  A sweet pet?

I comfort myself with food, too.  I shudder with truth.  I stand in the middle of my kitchen.  Trying to make the connection of when I was given the comfort of food….. I have no idea as to how food became my comfort.

Boggled.  I pet each wet dog…..

God bless……


Bread of Life

Give us this day our daily bread…… Luke 11:3

Bethlehem means “house of bread.”  The birthplace of Christ.

For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.  John 6:33

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35



Enjoy your Monday! God bless…….

Shoo Fly Pie

Being a southern gal, I had never heard of “Shoo Fly Pie.”  Until, I met Mark.  It is his favorite pie….. ever.  Mark’s mom graciously gave me the recipe when I married him.  Being the sweet wife, I made it for him.  It did not turn out like Mom’s.

I never baked one again.

But, our baby girl has been taught by Grandma the art of Shoo Fly Pie.  She’s quite good at it.  Mark is thrilled!

Shoo Fly Pie is from Pennsylvania….. Amish country that is…….  It has been said that when William Penn (Founder of Pa) conducted his “holy experiment” in attempt to have a godly society, the Amish came from Germany and Switzerland and settled in Lancaster County.  While they traveled from their “mother lands” they brought flour, brown sugar, lard, molasses and spices with them.   Since they landed in the fall, they were forced to survive on what they brought.  The women created this coffee cake like pie that is known as Shoo Fly.

How did it get its name??  Well, there are several speculated reasons.  The most popular reason is simply the fact that flies are attracted to the sweet molasses.  And well, we all know we have to shoo them away!!


Enjoy…… God bless…..