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First 2011 Challenge

I almost fainted when I heard the news.  Chick-fil-a is opening its doors on Sunday.  Makes your heart flip doesn’t it.  Rumor has it that if you show your church bulletin or proof of tithing you will get a discount. My heart sank when I heard that..I mean, COME-ON!!  Chick is the last of its kind.  I’ve always thought it was honorable that they stood against today’s thinking and allowed Sunday to be valued and not just another day to earn a buck.

I scoured their website…Here’s what I know..



I feel better!

This spurred an idea for the first challenge of the year.  Do you think you are up to it??  I bet you are!  Now roll up your sleeves and listen up..this is going to be fun!!

I challenge you and your family to observe a very traditional Sabbath for the next four Sundays or Friday night-Saturday evenings like our Jewish friends.  I would love to hear your responses. What’s that you don’t know what to do???  Don’t worry.. here’s a list of blog posts I did a few years ago..

What the Jewish Do for the Sabbath

The Sabbath Begins on Friday Night

The Do’s and Don’ts  of the Sabbath

Do you think you are up to disconnecting to the world and connecting to God?  Doesn’t it sound refreshing??  Oh I do hope you will join me in this challenge!

Enjoy your Wednesday and God Bless….