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Knowledge is Power

I read last night 1 Corinthians 8.   I found something interesting……

When I taught, I had this poster on my wall.

I told my students the more they knew the further in life they would go.  I wanted them to become leaders in their communities and model citizens who earned respect.

Oh man, how I preached “Knowlege is power.”

Now in 1 Cor 8:1, I found “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.”

I had to think about that one.

“Knowledge is power” isn’t bad.


One becomes a “know it all.”

You know the type.  They seem to know. it. all.  Their attitude: arrogant.  They use knowledge to tear down.  They are all puffed up.

Paul is quick to point out that “love builds up.”  Those who are caring, loving, and compassionate build others up.  They pass along the warm fuzzy support many of us need to do this thing called life.  Their attitude: helpful.  They love their neighbor.

Maybe along side the “Knowledge is power” poster, I should have had this one….

So listen up all those precious former students of mine…..  I gave you knowledge to go far.  I hope you use your love to build lasting relationships, to reach others, and to touch the sky!

I hope you enjoy your Tuesday. Oh, by the way, I spent 3 hours wandering in a store waiting for my tire yesterday.  There isn’t a shelf in that store that I did not see!  Confused, click here to read yesterday’s post.

God bless…..