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Justifiably So.

I must confess.  It has been said that confession is good for the soul……AND my mother always said that things done in secret are rarely good.  So…..I must confess.

Yesterday, I quit.

I justified myself right into a resignation.

1.  My Made to Crave small group is over.

2.  Lent is over.

3.  One package of Cherry Sours won’t hurt me.

4.  It has been 40 days since I have tasted toffee peanuts.

5.  I can have them now that Lent is over.

I stood right there in Dollar General with the item I needed in my hand and talked myself right into quitting.  I made the decision to purchase two items that I know I didn’t need.  And then, I ate them.

By the time I finished the last sweet morsel, guilt had already come knocking at my heart’s door.  As soon as I got home, I texted my accountability partner and confessed.  I knew if I had kept the secret, the guilt would eventually turn into a food craving.

I didn’t expect her reaction.  “I’ll be over in a few.  We are having a ‘Come to Jesus’ talk.”

My stomach flipped.  I hated the idea of being scolded.  Tears formed and I prayed.  I felt like I did when I broke Mom’s lamp.  By the time I heard her car pull in my drive, I had already pulled up my big girl britches and walked out to face a dear friend.

“Regina, we can not do this alone.”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

Immediately, I began to justify.  No cell phone reception in the store.  Lent is over.

She wouldn’t hear of it.

“Why didn’t you call on Jesus?”

My heart sank.  I didn’t have an answer.  She was dead on right!

She made me repeat my plan.  And we added a few new branches to it.  She’s right, ya know.  I can’t do this alone.

We made the decision that I would begin again that very moment.  I made a mistake.  Made a poor decision.  Now, tie a rope around those big girl britches and move on.

So, today, I confess.  Yes it is good for the soul.  The birds are singing.  The sunshine is bright.  And at this moment…… a new day is dawning.

Praise God.