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To Be or To Buy?

That is exactly what Ann Voskamp asked me today from the screen of her blog….

Yesterday’s icky-sticky humidity made me grumpy.  My hair (trying to grow it out) fell limp against the heavy moist air.  My bangs drove me crazy.  Actually it is the cow licks I am blessed with that is actually driving me crazy.  Bobbi pins didn’t help.  Hairspray?  Nope.  A good tease?  No…. thought I was going to break the comb, though.

Deciding to live with it, I stepped into the closet.  Ugh! Sticky, sweaty, yucky…. Jean?  Too hot.  T-shirt?  Too frumpy.  Blouse?  Not in the mood.  Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

I grabbed insecurity and settled down with a Good Housekeeping Magazine. Within the pages of “Perfect Hair Techniques” and “The Perfect Fall Fashions,” insecurity whispered and I was ready to head to the store.  What those pages had, I wanted.

I wanted to buy beauty.

That simple.

Thanks Ann.  Thanks for being the venue in which God thumps me hard.  Your words this morning struck a cord with what I battled yesterday.

So often we are in the business of separating the materialistic and spiritual sides of our being.  My heart sometimes looks like a Wal-Mart floor plan.  On one side I have ministry.  The other, my addiction to soda.  There’s God’s Word here and my love for shoes there. God’s part and MY half.

What does it mean to be beautiful?  Is it clothing?  Is it a hair cut?  Is it goop we slap on our faces?

Or is it…… helping a friend in need?  Sending a I Love You note to a loved one?  Feeding the hungry?  Holding a fragile hand? Helping an injured creature?

Is beauty bought? Or is it to be?

Is it a selfish want?  Or is it a humble state of being?

Is it packaged and sold?  Or is it living a purposeful life?

Jesus said, “And why do you worry about clothes?  See how the lilies of the field grow.  They do not labor or spin.  Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Matthew 6:28-29

Oh, yeah…… lilies….. being beautiful.  They don’t buy their beauty.

Be beautiful today….. God bless……