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Trust and Obey

I pulled out the pity party hats the other night.  I cried.  I whined.  I shared with my dear sweet hubby.  I cried some more.  Then I did the worst thing possible…shut out God.  I was busy licking my wounds and to be honest, I didn’t want to be bothered.  Sad attitude to have.. huh?  God wanted some quiet time and I wanted to wallow in my pity party dress.  Sorta like the song.. “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to..”

Basically, I was doing some math.  See, a couple of summers ago, I attended the She Speaks Conference.  I was on the speaker’s tract and had to give a couple of short speeches.  I did remarkably well for a rookie.  In fact, several of the ladies in my group came to me and said, “God has great plans for  you,”  and “God will have you up on a big stage one day.”  Daydreaming commenced.  Never thought about a big stage before.. Well, have you know that planted a seed.

So fast forward to now..

I’m still a long way from reaching the daydreams.  And the other night, I read that it had taken Lysa Terkeurst 17 years to get where she is now.  To add to the misery, I was reminded that it has been a 25 year journey for Beth Moore.   Ahem… told you daydreams!  I began to add up the numbers 41+17=58 and 41+25=66.  Silly I know… but all I could think of was wheelchairs and walkers.  So, I just sat there crying.

Now add on writer’s block…

Ahem… yep, party streamers were coming out..pity party time!

So after a little alone time and a great talk with Mark, I finally went to God.  I laid it all out there.  As I sat quietly, I felt things stirring..

I am a child of God.

I trust God.

Why question the peace?

How many “spring chickens” are in the Bible that people looked up to and God entrusted?

God doesn’t put an age limit on anything..ahem Regina, this is God’s plan, not yours.

When did you actually ask God what to write about?

And then there it was..God revealed the reason for the block.

Then louder than thunder, “Trust and Obey” rang through me.

Insecurities fell to the side.  I put away the streamers and party hats.  I praised God and thanked Him for the wisdom and advice.  I even forgot numbers, the blank calendar, and no calls.  I only thought about “Trust and Obey.”

I hate it when I allow my “humanness” to rule.   It is when I shut out the Holy Spirit that I forget who is really in charge.  When I let human standards be the determining factor of success, I get lost.  God’s approval rate should be my goal.  So, again, another lesson learned..Trust and Obey.

Enjoy your Thursday… God bless..

Rejoice and Be Glad

I bet you thought I had dropped off the face of the Earth!  Well, I haven’t, I didn’t, and I’m back!  My brother-in-law, Scott, got married to a lovely lady, Haley, in Texas this past weekend.  So as my 13yo would say…I was on “Vaaaay-Kay.”

Now, if I may..  Congratulations Scott and Haley!  You are a lovely couple!! May God bless your marriage!

Ahem.. well, now on to the “important” stuff I want to say today!

As most of you know, I am studying the Book of Revelation with Beth Moore.  I have had my struggles while doing the homework and listening to Beth’s lecture.  BUT, yesterday’s class was absolutely wonderful.  I learned a great deal about how “romantic” God can be with us.

I never really thought about God romancing me.  It is a perspective I never imagined.  Okay, I have heard of God “wooing” us to him.  And of course, loving us, but I never thought to use the word romantic.  Perhaps it really affected me since I recently attended a beautiful wedding with a really cool reception.  Beth Moore made the wedding feast in Revelation 19:6-10 come alive with her description.

At one point, during Beth’s lecture, my ears perked and a thought popped into my head.  (There was a sudden flash of bright light  over my head.)  Beth pointed out that in the Greek phrase that means “Rejoice and be glad” found in Revelation 19:7, rejoice means to “dance, jump, leap, be all excited.” And glad means so much more happiness and joy that we can not conceive it.  The Greek meanings behind those two words really made me think.

I have been privileged to attend a variety of different denominations over the years.  I’ve seen those who sit like statues in the pews almost petrified.  And then there are the other extremes… dancing up and down the aisles, shouting, clapping, and swinging from the ceiling.  I am not in any way criticizing how others worship.  When I think about how much God has done for me, my family, and my friends, I can not help to want to celebrate in His presence.  When I am on a Jesus high, I want to shout, dance, jump, leap, and be all giddy.  I want to show Him how much He has moved me!  There are times I am so touched all I can do is cry…ugly, snot coming from the nose, cry.  Of course, sometimes, I just need to sit and be still in His presence.

So, I thought about how at times I hold my emotions back.  I may feel like it isn’t the appropriate thing to do.  The thought, “How silly,” ran through my mind.  When I am worshipping God and the emotions I am feeling are surfacing, I need to release them and allow them to freely flow.  As I worship, the only presence I need to care about is God’s… not the others in the seats around me.  I am there to worship Him and not anyone else.  Now that doesn’t mean I will be petrified nor swinging from the ceiling anytime soon.. but you just never know!

Enjoy your Wednesday and please feel free to “rejoice and be glad.”  God bless..


I enrolled in Beth Moore’s Lecture Series on Revelation.  I thought it would help me understand the book more clearly.  ((Sigh)) I’ve only ended up with a headache.

In the past, I attempted to study and understand this book of the Bible.  Afterwards, I remained confused and well… a little depressed.  Friends advised to read the Left Behind series and I began the first book…I’m a big chicken… had nightmares.  So, I thought if anyone could help me understand the book of Revelation..it would be Beth Moore.

Her teachings are great.  The videos are a bit lengthy but besides that she has done a great job!  A fellow classmate and I discussed this before class yesterday.  She feels just as funky as me.  Whew.. for a while I thought it was just me.. Here’s what we concluded:

1.  The end of times scares the living daylights out of me.  The whole martyr thing frightens me.  The events frighten me and well… I just hope I and everyone I know and love are dead and gone by the time it happens.

2.  The complicated ties throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation are clear and concise.  The end will one day come.. I have no doubts.  The speed at which Beth throws all the information at me makes my head spin.  It isn’t her fault.  My ears are slow.  I have a hard time staying focused.  Because well… refer to #1..

3.  Because of #1 and #2, I am slacking off on the homework.  I guess I am pleading, ” Ignorance is bliss.” on this one.  I do that sometimes…if things are hard or if I don’t like something, I will chose to stay ignorant so I won’t have to deal with it.  Perhaps, I should learn more so I am not taken by surprise.  Let me jot that down so I can pray about that.. If God wants me to be aware, maybe I should be!!

((sigh)) I guess I better get an Advil and do my homework!!

Enjoy your Wednesday… God Bless…

It Got a Little Hot

While I was enjoying the She Speaks Conference in Concord, NC, my family and friends back in Arkansas enjoyed 106 degree heat.  But, this blog isn’t about the weather…..  Nope.  I wish it was that simple.  I would much rather talk weather than confess something heavy on my heart.

The conference inspired me beyond words.  I learned so much.  I heard such wonderful speakers like Lysa TerKeurst, Angela Thomas, and Beth Moore.  Each delivered a message that moved me.  But it wasn’t until the last speaker, Karen Ehman, that the heat was turned up.

I told Mark that afternoon after hearing her message that Moses had the burning bush and I had the burning tush.  God built a big old fire under my tush!  He usually just thumps me on the noggin but this time He burned me.

Karen Ehman’s message was centered around Revelation 2:4-5.

Yet I hold this against you:  You have forsaken your first love.  Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first.  If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.

To make a long sermon short, she pointed out that when you lose sight of your first ministry love.  Life perhaps gets in the way…..  you feel burned out….. God only knows the reason…..  But, when you forsake your first love; you fall.  She explained that repenting and going back to the things you did at first is what God wants.  If we don’t then He will remove the lampstand.  As she explained, the lampstand is what the bright light of God in our lives  sits upon.  He will remove the stand and the light goes out.

I hate to admit it but I let the smallest trivial things get in the way of God’s ministry in my life.  I avoid doing leg work to find speaking engagements by doing laundry.  I hide from the fear of failure by scrubbing floors.  I eat and shop to hide my anxiety.  Add everything up, and I forsake my first love.

God pointed out that I needed to get to work and stop wasting time by filling up my day with stuff.   I’m not saying I am never going to do housework again.  But simply find the balance of it all.  ((sigh))  And I thought I was doing well with the whole quest of  balance.  Praise God I have a new beginning each day!!

God bless……

Perfectly Balanced

I failed miserably this morning.  I vaguely recall being nudged before 5am but obviously I didn’t wake up fully to read and reflect.  So at 6:30, hoping that I would be quiet enough to do my thing without being noticed, I snuck to the living room to retrieve my Bible.  I managed to sneak back to the bedroom and to open my Bible, when I was discovered.  Both my son and hubby found me awake and the morning routine began and I ignored my thing. ((sigh))…I have been trying all morning to find a moment to steal away..((sigh)) and every time I do…((sigh))

I went to my Bible study feeling down and  so guilty for not waking up before everyone else.  My perfect record is now tarnished and I can not recover from it.  I sat in my car stunned with shame.  I just wanted to cry.  I want to be so well balanced and to do what I am supposed to do…find peace and contentment in all areas of my life as well as being totally centered on God.  UGH!!

Already the insecurities and the doubt for my quest was beginning to creep into my thoughts.  How will I ever be able to teach the world about finding balance IF I can’t do it.  Frustrated I stomped up the stairs of the church and plopped pouty self down in the front row.  I didn’t want anyone to see my frustration, so I kept my back to everyone.  Then I realized I left my papers at home.  UGH!!  ((sigh)) Now, I have to ask to see someone else’s so I can fill in the information needed for today’s lesson.  Swallowing hard and faking the best “today’s a great day” smile, I turned around and asked the lady behind me for hers, copied the notes, and politely handed them back.  Let the sulking continue….

Beth Moore’s image appeared on the screen.  She began her speech.  I immediately felt drawn into her message.  She began by introducing a formula for the brain change I need to conquer if I truly want to succeed in balance.  I need to realize that through God’s love, I am blessed, chosen, accepted, adopted, redeemed and forgiven, and in that I am believing God.  She had us repeat that statement several times and then explained the significance to memorize it.  Funny, how the UGH’s and the sighs quickly diminished.  She’s was right.  I mean I already knew that but it was made clear to me that I needed to hear it….again.

Feeling somewhat better after reaffirming what I believe is true about God (blessing, choosing, accepting, adopting redeeming and forgiving me), the fact of the matter still remains that I did not do my thing this morning.  It was bothering me that I allowed life to interfere once again.  I could feel the UGH! coming on…sighing to keep from ughing, I settled my mind down to hear Beth once more.

She continued her speech with the most wonderful definition of “blameless.”  We are called to lead “blameless” lives.  Not perfect lives mind you but blameless lives.  Blameless living means without premeditated and willful sinning.  Living without thinking of ways to sin..  Huh!  Then it hit me…I am trying to find the perfect formula for living a perfect Christian life with results in contentment.  Perfection will never be achieved here on Earth.  Perfection isn’t what I need to strive for.. but rather, blamelessness.

Now, I really need to find some reflection time for this one.. excuse me, the kids are occupied and well, I need to meet with God…

God Bless..