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Betty's Pancake Solution

Recently, I have become obsessed with Granny’s 1950 first edition (second printing) Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book.  Betty, known as my imaginary friend, has such wonderful advice to this 2010 homemaker from the picturesque 50’s.  Becoming the “modern” homemaker of 1950 can be challenging especially since we are living in 2010.  But Betty’s wisdom surpasses time. Skepticism plagues our home…..and I, quote, my 13 yo, “Really….Mom….the cookbook….again??”—that is complete with rolling eyes and a shake of the head……

As I sat down to do “research” for my Betty Crocker Fridays, I found a lovely quote from Betty,

Breads-Quick and Hot:  A conversation Piece…….Hot quick breads in their many delightful forms help tell the story of civilization.  Notice the bits of history tucked into these pages and serve them up as table conversation.  They’ll make cooking, and eating, more fun.

Oh, Betty, you know how I love history!!   AND oh, how I love to talk!!  Betty, giving us something to discuss over dinner……you are my hero!!  I can’t wait to hear more……

One of the earliest forms of baking…..once called “hearth cakes”….now known by many names.  They vary from hearty buckwheat cakes to to the delicate dessert cakes.  But, whatever the kind, the cakes should be light, tender, and uniformly golden brown.  The Dutch settlers brought pancakes to America.  Later, the Germans in Pennsylvania served pancakes for breakfast, supper and noonday meals.

Don’t you love pancakes…..yummmmm nothing says, “Good Morning” like pancakes……

Betty’s Delicate Fluffy Pancakes

Beat well with rotary beater….

3 egg yolks

Beat in….

1 2/3 cups thick buttermilk

1 tsp. soda

Sift together and beat in…..

1 1/2 cups sifted Gold Medal flour

1 tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

Beat in…

3 tbsp. soft butter

Gently fold in….

3 egg whites, stiffly beaten

Doesn’t that sound heavenly????

I have a dilemma every single time I make pancakes.  Leftovers!!  Leftover pancakes tend to be “too dry.”  My kids rarely will eat leftover pancakes.  Lately, the leftovers have been going to the dogs….which isn’t healthy for them.  OR I have been putting them in the compost.  All the while, I can distinctively hear Grandma, “People just waste so much these days.”  Then the guilt settles in……

Under the title, “New Adventures with Culinary Heirlooms”, I found Betty’s solution for those guilt causing leftovers…..  Turn them into dessert!!

So with a little help…. leftovers became dessert…..

Jelly Roll Pancakes: Spread jelly, rolled up, dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

Our version:

Sugar Free Applesauce, cinnamon, and whipped cream.

Swedish Pancakes “Plattar” or Little Plates: stack pancakes with lingonberries and whipped cream……

Betty, what is a lingonberry?  Okay, don’t think I can find any…….. so….

We substituted fresh blueberries…..had some in the freezer…. picked them myself last summer….makes my mouth water just thinking about them.

The leftover problem is solved!!  Yippie!!!  They were so good last night for dessert we had them again for breakfast!!

Oh Betty!! What would I do without you???

Happy Cooking and God Bless!!

Who's Betty?

Both of my grandmothers were great in the kitchen.  I loved the smell of their homes especially when either one of them had been preparing a meal.  My grandmother, Bonnie Cannon, was the typical housewife that prepared freshly grown goodies in her own unique style….. a little of this or that and then cook it alllllll day.  My granny, Aline Cornett, was a little more likely to follow recipes and has been known to correct them if they weren’t as pleasing to the palate as she had hoped.

It was from Granny that I inherited the surmountable boxes of newspaper “recipe” clippings, countless recipe cards that were handed down from generation to generation, and stacks of cookbooks.  Most of her cookbooks were pamphlets that she had picked up from here or there.  Some of the books were from church groups, co-ops, and county fairs….. of course they all were “prize winning” recipes….. especially after she had corrected one or two…….

Among all of the recipe books, I discovered a treasure….. a first edition (second printing) of the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.   The copyright is 1950 but according to Granny’s post-it note it is the original 1947 Betty Crocker.  {You must understand…. Granny labeled everything with a post-it note…..it is so her!!}

This jewel of a cookbook is absolutely priceless.  Shall I quote Betty Crocker from the dedication page…….

“We dedicate it to the homemakers everywhere, –to all of you who like to minister to your dear ones by serving them good food.  That’s the age-old way to express love and concern for their welfare.  And it’s just as important today when we make use of the latest short cuts, equipment, and prepared foods as it was when women made their own bread, butter, cheese, –all the foods their families ate.”

What a unique way to be considered…. a minister to your dear ones…..

So, I got to thinking…. I know… I know…. it is dangerous!!  Who exactly was this Betty Crocker???  I need a picture to the name…. ya know what I mean???  Betty has been a staple name for decades now and well, I would love to be introduced……

The idea of “Betty Crocker” was the brain child of the Washburn Crosby Company in 1921.  The idea was to personalize the answers to the housewives cooking questions.  “Betty” was chosen because it was a “cheery All-American name.”  Because all us housewives are so cheery!!  “Crocker” was the surname of a director of the Washburn Crosby Company….. a William Crocker to be exact.

The “Betty Crocker” brainchild became the handy work of  Marjorie Child Husted, a home-economist and business woman.  Her job was to establish and maintain the image of Betty Crocker. In 1921 the Washburn Company merged with other mills to form General Mills.  Then in 1929 Betty Crocker coupons were placed in Gold Medal flour.  The coupons were to reduce the cost of flatware.  In the 30’s Betty Crocker coupons were all the rage and made the Betty Crocker Catalog popular with the clip and save up method to redeem for cool products.  In 1945 the idea of “Betty Crocker” was the second most popular woman…..just under Eleanor Roosevelt.  In 1949 a face was given to Betty….. the actress, Adelaide Hawley Cumming.  She stared in CBS’s first in color commercial by baking a “mystery fruit cake.”  She was the face of Betty until 1964.

Today, Betty’s image is still upholding the knowledgeable and caring character as she did back in the 1920’s.  Betty Crocker has been the staple for many over the years and yet we still continue to look to her for the best tasting recipes.

Betty, if you are out there….. may I say… it has been delightful getting to know you and in the weeks to come, I will be blogging about your wholesome, caring knowledge…….until then…..

God Bless…..