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The Little Things

My most gracious Father,

Thank You for the morning, the cold crisp morning.

Praise You for the warm home, small kitchen and crowded dining room.breakfast table 2

Thank You for Your endless supply of blessings.

coffee mug

Thank You for the sunrise.

Praise be to You for all the great things.

Most of all God, thank You for the little things.

breakfast table


The heavy aroma flowing through the house.

pancake batter

Maple trees for the syrup.

pancakes on griddle

The warm heat rising up from the griddle.

flipping pancakes

Pancakes with my family.

pancake stack

Yes, God, Praise YOU for the little things!



A Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a blessing.   Every where I went I was blessed…..

It started off at a funeral.  Yep,  a funeral.  My grandmother’s niece passed away and I got to visit with cousins that I haven’t seen in years.  Twice I was mistaken for my mother.  Thrilled to think that I looked like Mom, I politely set the record straight….I do not look 66!  Ah, I joke, but it was a blessing….Mom was a beautiful person.

The service itself was so sweet just like Wilson, herself.  The reverend had asked the family for some Bible verses that would describe Wilson’s life.  Proverbs 31:10-31 was read.  Oh, how true……..  Wilson’s life was the perfect example of those verses.  She was such a beautiful spirit.

Not only was the celebration of Wil’s life a blessing but the sweet memories that flooded my mind during the service.  I was taken back to the days of my childhood visiting Grandma’s house.   Everyday, as soon as Grandma’s stories were over, Wil would call.  They had to talk about the day’s events on Days of Our Lives and their garden.   It was wonderful to revisit those days gone by….again such a blessing.

After I left the funeral, I had some errands to run since I was in town.  First stop was the Christian bookstore.  Here, I grabbed a book for my Bible study.   As I was in line to purchase the book, the cashier was experiencing God as she talked to another customer.   She was feeling led by the Holy Spirit.  I stood there in awe of her ease to let this stranger know how God shows and showers His love.  I could see the man needed her words…. and she continued without concern of the line growing longer…..the beauty of it was, all of us in line just stood there listening.  Not a soul moved, fidgeted nor complained…..we allowed God to work.  It was beautiful.

Then, I kept running into people I haven’t seen in years.  First at the craft store, I saw an old high school buddy and her mom.  We laughed as we revisited the old days.   Then at the library, I saw a college buddy and she was amazed to see me…..I think she was more amazed to hear that I called her a blessing.  Her sweet smile and beautiful daughter brought such joy.  Then there was the secretary from my kids’ former school.  She had such kind words about my children.  My neighbor was there to give advice and encouragement.  Oh, last but surely not least, I got to have lunch with the biggest blessing in my life, Mark, my dear sweet husband.  We talked without interruption and enjoyed a meal at a restaurant that we would visit when we were first married.  Again, sweet memories rose to the top and we enjoyed every minute of them.

It was absolutely a picture perfect day!  At the end of my day, I was still sighing with such content.  It is so amazing to see God’s face in every encounter yesterday.  It was truly a wonderful day.

What a blessing that God could turn a regular day into a divine experience!!  Now, look around and find your blessings!!  God has placed them all around you…. all you have to do is look!

God Bless……

She Will be Blessed in What She Does

Last night’s conversation between Mark and I:

Regina:  Isn’t it something how God has had His hand in all this?

Mark:  Yep

Regina:  I mean, just in the past couple of weeks, I made the commitment to solely focus on my writing and speaking ministry.  And just as I did…..

Mark:  Things started to happen……

Regina: Yeah…..

Talk about the light bulb going off inside my head…….I had been so worried over the past year or so about the transition.  The financial strain, the feeling to contribute to the family, and the fear of actually doing this ministry, had me tied to looking for other things to do like substitute teaching and interpreting.  I think the true thing keeping me from hitting the road running was the fear of the uncertainty.

In James 1:25, the Bible says “but the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it–he will be blessed in what he does.”

Not forgetting God’s words to me “speak and motivate” has been the drive, but it wasn’t until I looked intently into receiving the freedom and doing what I was supposed to do that I have found serenity, faith, and good old trust.  I am making my way into the “doing it” part and God has just patted me on the back with a couple of blessings.

Oh, and here’s another thing, I have stopped daydreaming.  Yep, daydreaming about the future is something that I can not do…..God is slowly revealing the future day by day.  I am taking a step each day closer to His picture not mine.  I will only be setting myself up for disappointment if I seek the basking in my daydream.  I am allowing God to paint the picture for me.  And that is more satisfying……..

God gave me a blessing.  I am thankful.  And you know what, Regina from a few years ago would have celebrated and talked about how “She” did this…..I can’t do that…. I didn’t have any part of it.  God has given me the words every time I sit to write.  God was the one who put my website in front of the gentleman who writes for the Wall St. Journal.  And the magazine writer was drawn to it by the hand of God to seek me out for the inspiration he needed to compose an article.

For the past few days, I have been in a whirlwind of blessings.  I have had my 15 minutes of fame and a taste of God’s divine blessings.  Now, I am back at the keyboard in the recliner with my cat and dog…just like any other day…praising God and thinking how lucky I am to have a God so great.

It is an honor to do His work……

God Bless….


In 2001-02, I had lost complete hope.  Mark and I had settled into a pattern of  “staying at home” on Sundays.  I didn’t realize how far out of touch I was with God until the day my father fell ill.  That ill-fated day started with a doctor explaining to me that his bad case of heartburn was really a blood clot and I need to call the family to the hospital because he wasn’t going to live.

Dad?  Die?  Those words crippled me.  I didn’t know what to do except dial my family members and try to say those dreaded horrible words.  That day was the longest.  Every time,  there was hope of his survival another bleak, “He won’t survive” response would come.  I didn’t know what to do but cry.

Feeling the emotional strain of the day, I excused myself to go to the restroom.  I remember, thinking, and strolling down the hallway numb to the news that there was no longer any hope.  As I walked, I felt a calling.  I had done everything but pray for my dad.  My heart was breaking and I needed to ask God for help.

I found the hospital chapel.  The weight of the day pulled me down to my knees.  Shuttering with fear mixed with anger,  I told God I didn’t trust Him. He ignored my plea for Mom’s life allowing her to die.  I yelled that it wasn’t fair like a angered child.  Dad and I had started to make amends for a 4 year cold war between us.  I plead my case for wanting to continue the mending. I sobbed because I didn’t want to be an orphan.  I  promised Him my life.  If he would just make Dad better, I would be whatever it meant to be a Christian woman.   Then I begged Him for a chance to make my promise come true.

After crying on the chapel floor, I wiped my eyes and left the room.  To be honest, I didn’t think God was going to help me out by making me keep that promise.  He didn’t with mom so I didn’t have faith that he would this time.

God had a plan for Dad and I.  He was about to come into our lives and become a permanent fixture.  Since Dad’s experience, he has changed…..  softened, involved, and well… more of a dad than ever before.

Every Sunday, I sit between the two men I love the most, Mark and my Daddy.  Words can not express how much that means to me…..

God Bless…..

Peter and I… the same?

In Acts 3:1-10, Peter and John were entering the temple.  They saw a crippled man begging for money just outside, Beautiful, a temple gate.  Having no money, Peter told him that they had something more and in Jesus’ name commanded him to walk.  And he did.

This passage was pointed out to me in my Bible study this morning.  Pondering over it and thinking, I concluded that I am like Peter.  Now, Now, don’t think I have these healing powers like Peter.  But, I was entrusted with a power like any other Christian on this planet…… Jesus’ Love.  And this Love is more powerful than any crippling illness, depression, or any tragedy in our life.

I possess this love and I am continually weaving it through every stitch of my being.  I want to be someday completely overflowing with His love.  I want God’s light to shine around me, through me and be of me.   And everyday, I purposely get closer to that goal.  See, Peter and John were just mere ordinary people like you and I when they met Jesus.  Jesus taught them many valuable lessons and how to live in and of His word.  They were doing as they were instructed to spread the news and love of  Jesus Christ.

Having the power to heal is one thing…… well… would it be safe to say that the power is the very extension of God’s  perfect love?  My life is the extension of His perfect love.  I look back and I see His love woven into every experience and story of my life.  Perhaps at the time, I didn’t realize or want to believe it, but it was there nevertheless.  So as you read or hear my stories, God’s love reveals hope, trust, guidance, mercy, and  the most compassionate love to the eyes and ears of every person in attendance.  His revelation brings healing, comfort, and hope into so many lives.  So in a way, I am like Peter and guess what…… so are you……

God Bless……