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I was a little worried that my family would throw a fit knowing we are vegan until further notice.  I purchased soy milk (regular, vanilla, and chocolate) instead of milk… dairy cow stories on farmsanctuary.org.  As I was planning my meals for this week, I have decided not to bake in this heat wave.  It would not be the frugal thing to do if my electric bill soars.  So, I decided to make soy milk smoothies.  They are cold, fruity and good for you, too.  Plus, if there is any pouting about the milk they will never know it is in there.

On Wednesday, I handed my son a blueberry smoothie.  At first, he looked at it and asked if it was good.  My response, “You tell me.”  He slurped that down and had a blueberry mustache.  He loved it.  Yesterday, the first thing he asked when he got up was if he could have another smoothie… YOU BET!!  This morning, he met me in the kitchen wanting a smoothie and his big sis was wanting one too.  I was thrilled!

My 13yo decided to drink the milk last night.  She said she liked the chocolate but loves the vanilla.  I was so happy I almost cried.  I could picture some happy cows.  That really made me feel so much better.  The transition from cow milk to soy milk has been successful… it has gone so smoothly!!

Here’s my recipe for smoothies:

1 cup vanilla soy milk

1 cup frozen blueberries (any frozen fruit will do)

2 pkgs of splenda

Blend in blender until smooth.