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Humble Thoughts

I skipped all the way from the mailbox to the house yesterday.  I just love it when my P31 Woman Magazine arrives.  Some of the featured writers I know personally, so it is always exciting to see whose submissions made it each month.

Last night, after a long day of painting the hallway, dog washing, laundry, and discovering a kitchen sink leak that cause the spur of the moment cleaning from under the sink, I finally got to sit down and actually read my magazine.  The first article confirmed my decision to solely souly write and speak.   The author is a former teacher, like me.  She has been feeling a little out of whack, thought about going back to work, and did..I could have written this article.  Because, she only discovered more misery as she wandered away from God’s path.  Oh Heavens!!  I had to make sure my name wasn’t in the by-line!!!

Then came the next article about good stewardship…not of money but of TIME!!  Oh my goodness!!  I have been wrestling with the hustle and bustle of my daily schedule.  I was humbled with the idea of goal seeking vs. responsibility seeking.  UGH…hate it when someone points things out the obvious!

Then there was this article about your light.  Carey Scott gets brownie points for taking me down a notch.  Last week, there was a lady in the Dollar General needing a little more cash to make her purchase.  Once again, I didn’t take notice until it was too late.  By the time she figured out what she could sacrifice and left, I thought to myself, “I could have helped her out.”  Ms. Scott made this statement:

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus says, “You are the light of the world.”  He did not say, “Please consider being the light of the world” or “You might be the light of the world if..”  Jesus simply told us we ARE the light of the world.

Ahem…((sigh)) Got to love it when God thumps us on the noggin!!

Okay, the real kicker was the article that I screamed, “AMEN!! SISTER!!”  while reading it!!  Marguerite Tustan was talking about contentment and great expectations.  Living within her means and simply fell right into place in my heart..until, I said my prayers..

I asked God for something materialistic…something needed but obviously after the “be content” whisper in my soul, it needs to wait.  I started giggling so hard.  I think God must have had the “what’s wrong with her” expression on his holy face.  “Practice what you preach” echoed through my laughter!!  OH, I tell ya!!  That thump on the ole noggin thumped me silly!!  All I could do afterwards was to humbly thank God for all I have..

If you are interested in P31 Woman Magazine, please check out Proverbs 31 website for the details.  It is a wonderful magazine that truly inspires.

Enjoy your Wednesday…God Bless..