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Valentine's Day

This morning, I made cinnamon biscuits.  I rolled out the dough and cut it into heart shapes……

Like my heart has been shaped…. God uses experiences, people and His perfect love to shape my human heart. There are some calluses, cracks, and dents.  All the same He has bound up my wounds.

I drizzled the glaze over the heart shaped biscuits.  Its sweet yumminess soaked into the warm bread.

God pours His sweetness, kindness, and compassion over my broken heart.  He fills the cracks and craters left behind.  He soaks into my heart.

Lastly, I sprinkled hugs and kisses all over.  Just the perfect topping to this delicious Valentine.

Oh, I couldn’t live without God’s heavenly kisses and hugs. There have been many nights I held His word close to my chest.  Hugging it like a lost child returned to its mother.  I cling. I hold on for dear life.  Desperately thankful for Him.  In prayer, I have felt His “Oh Dear Child” kiss upon my head.  A father’s loving kiss.

May God bless you and shower you with His love on this Valentine’s Day.


Beam Me Up, Scottie

God bless our family.

((shaking head in wonderment))

I can’t help but smile.  My family means the world to me.  Praise God for memories!  When I am old, in a wheelchair, and in a nurse’s care, I will be the one visitors stare at because I will be hackling and giggling to myself while I revisit my past.

The conversation around this morning’s breakfast table will be talked about for decades.  Perhaps the cinnamon biscuits and their sweet delight caused a sugar overload.  Or maybe, my 13yo daughter was on a I-got-a-new-boyfriend-high.  I don’t know what it was but the mood around our table wasn’t the typical “Ugh!  I gotta go to school/work” downer.

It began with the cinnamon biscuits.  I normally bake the biscuits on Wednesdays.  So, Mark starts us off with the usual clowning. “I’m confused.” he starts, “Cinnamon Biscuits are on Wednesdays, but the calendar says it’s Thursday.  Today is the second day of school so that means it’s Tuesday. But, there is only one more day left in the week so it must be Thursday.”  Shaking his head he claims, “I’m so confused.”

Son giggles.  Daughter laughs. Then son pipes in, “The cinnamon biscuits will make you hyper.”  This statement was directed to his dear sister.  I added, “Not to worry there’s no coffee in those.”

**If I could make the record scratching noise right here, I would**

Let me bring you guys up to speed on the whole coffee thing.  Yesterday, I made a blueberry coffee cake for breakfast.  The snow depleted the contents of our cabinets.  I found a stray box of blueberry muffin mix and created a coffee cake out of it.  Last night, while emptying the dishwasher, my daughter was in a giggly mood.  She turned to me and said, “I’ve been hyper ever since the coffee.”  Puzzled, I just had to ask where on Earth did she get coffee.  “You know this morning??” she replied in a quizzing “come on mom” manner.   “Who gave you coffee this morning?” I asked while racking my brain trying to figure out this whole coffee thing.  “Hello, the coffee cake!” she exclaimed.  I busted out in laughter.  She was now the one puzzled.  When I explained there was no coffee in the cake, she had a good laugh.  In her defense though, banana cake has bananas in it.  Apple cakes have apples in them.  I can see where she thought coffee was in coffee cakes.

Now back to this morning’s conversation..

We busted out laughing at the coffee statement.  And the fun continues…

“I’m still upset about the whole giraffe thing.” daughter starts.

“Oh no, here we go again.” son begins.

“I still think they get recognized for their long legs.” Mark jumps in.

Daughter drops her fork and throws her hands up high. “They got the whole long neck thing!! They can’t be famous for two things!”

“What other animals can claim to have long legs?” Mark pries.

“Flamingos.” she retorted.

“They’re pink.” son and I pipe in together.

Putting her head on her hand and shaking it, “No, they can’t claim pink.  It doesn’t make sense.  Who compares colors?”

“I like your pink shirt,” I started, “it reminds me of a flamingo.”

“See.” Mark says.

“She’s an English teacher.  English teachers think of weird sentences like that.”

“They stand on one leg.” Mark remarks.

Stumped, our daughter defended her side of the argument which, by the way had us all in stitches.  “Elephants can’t because they have trunks.  Horses can’t because they have speed.  Which leaves the flamingos to claim the longest legs.”

I jumped in laughing, “You know if a Star Trek dude beamed down right now, he would think we were crazy.”

The laughter continued. And then all of a sudden we were talking about God..

“Our daughter thinks God looks like a dog.” Mark stated.

“Really now, care to explain?” I questioned.

“Simple really mom.  Think about it.  You know where the Bible tells us that God came as a hungry person and someone didn’t feed him?  Well, think about it in these terms… if we are suppose to feed the hungry and we see a stray dog hungry and needing food, shouldn’t we stop what we are doing and help it?  What if that stray is God and we ignored Him?”

You have to admit she’s got a point.  The laughter stopped and we were all reflecting on that profound question.  May be it was the sound of the “Beam me up, Scottie” Star Trek dude leaving the breakfast table, that bounced us back to reality and to a ticking clock.  At any case, we left the table all thinking about that little stray dog that we passed up.  Could that have been the time God was proving a point?  Could it have been Him along the road? Nobody said a word, but if I was a betting woman, I bet we were all thinking that it was 11 degrees last night…

I must add this before I send you off to work, school or play…if you have pets, please spay or neuter.  Over population and today’s times leads to strays living out in the cold and feeling hungry.  Please, check your area for low cost clinics that provide the service at a reasonable price.

Enjoy this Tuesday, Wednesday kind of a Thursday…God Bless…