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I Want to Exchange These, Please

My brilliant idea……..

have a negative thought, place a penny in a jar, a tangible representation of how many times I put myself down…..


Look at those thoughts!


I ran my finger across the cool metal.  Why must I be this hard on myself?


God whispers.  Nudges.

A flashback to my teaching days.  I had a particular student who enjoyed insulting  students.  For a positive exercises, my students wrote down every insult they could think of and then we had to write a compliment for each.  The said student had a rather tough time thinking of compliments.

I had to do the same.


God whispers. Nudges.

I opened my journal. Numbered my page 1-16 and tapped my pen.  God, you’re gonna have to help me.

Painstakingly words flowed.  Half way down the page…. I heard…. You’re insane, you know that…..

The number 17 was written without hesitation.  I wasn’t even going to acknowledge that thought.  I wasn’t even going to allow it to stop the Holy Spirit flow of compliments.

Warmth spread within me….. I just returned my negative thoughts…..a refund in a sort….. an exchange

I am embracing what God intends for me to see….. I am His…….

God bless……..