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A Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a blessing.   Every where I went I was blessed…..

It started off at a funeral.  Yep,  a funeral.  My grandmother’s niece passed away and I got to visit with cousins that I haven’t seen in years.  Twice I was mistaken for my mother.  Thrilled to think that I looked like Mom, I politely set the record straight….I do not look 66!  Ah, I joke, but it was a blessing….Mom was a beautiful person.

The service itself was so sweet just like Wilson, herself.  The reverend had asked the family for some Bible verses that would describe Wilson’s life.  Proverbs 31:10-31 was read.  Oh, how true……..  Wilson’s life was the perfect example of those verses.  She was such a beautiful spirit.

Not only was the celebration of Wil’s life a blessing but the sweet memories that flooded my mind during the service.  I was taken back to the days of my childhood visiting Grandma’s house.   Everyday, as soon as Grandma’s stories were over, Wil would call.  They had to talk about the day’s events on Days of Our Lives and their garden.   It was wonderful to revisit those days gone by….again such a blessing.

After I left the funeral, I had some errands to run since I was in town.  First stop was the Christian bookstore.  Here, I grabbed a book for my Bible study.   As I was in line to purchase the book, the cashier was experiencing God as she talked to another customer.   She was feeling led by the Holy Spirit.  I stood there in awe of her ease to let this stranger know how God shows and showers His love.  I could see the man needed her words…. and she continued without concern of the line growing longer…..the beauty of it was, all of us in line just stood there listening.  Not a soul moved, fidgeted nor complained…..we allowed God to work.  It was beautiful.

Then, I kept running into people I haven’t seen in years.  First at the craft store, I saw an old high school buddy and her mom.  We laughed as we revisited the old days.   Then at the library, I saw a college buddy and she was amazed to see me…..I think she was more amazed to hear that I called her a blessing.  Her sweet smile and beautiful daughter brought such joy.  Then there was the secretary from my kids’ former school.  She had such kind words about my children.  My neighbor was there to give advice and encouragement.  Oh, last but surely not least, I got to have lunch with the biggest blessing in my life, Mark, my dear sweet husband.  We talked without interruption and enjoyed a meal at a restaurant that we would visit when we were first married.  Again, sweet memories rose to the top and we enjoyed every minute of them.

It was absolutely a picture perfect day!  At the end of my day, I was still sighing with such content.  It is so amazing to see God’s face in every encounter yesterday.  It was truly a wonderful day.

What a blessing that God could turn a regular day into a divine experience!!  Now, look around and find your blessings!!  God has placed them all around you…. all you have to do is look!

God Bless……

A Friend in Need

Ever opened your planner and found a week jammed packed of things to do???  That is what happened to me this past weekend.  I had something to do or somewhere to be for each little column in my week’s view  planner.  I had some wonderful adventurous activities plus I was going to spend a day with a friend with twin newborns and a friend who had surgery.  Both had called and wanted me over this week.  I had it all laid out in my head and it was going to be a well oiled machine of a week.

Thinking everything was working out great, I checked off my daily plans one by one with confidence that all my bases were covered.  Then the phone rang.  My dear friend recovering from surgery called upset and well… very angry with me.  She thought I was coming over on Monday or Tuesday and I had her down the list for Thursday.  I felt horrible.  I had not listened to her request when she asked me to come over.  I found a slot for her in my schedule and penciled her in without realizing she needed me over at the beginning of the week.  I had allowed convenience for me to come first.  I had juggled a thousand balls and a really important one dropped.  Even though I had scheduled an entire day to be with her, it didn’t matter  . I had placed someone I love on a check list….. and it.. no, I,  hurt her.   No matter what I said, I couldn’t relieve the feeling of not having been loved by a friend.

And do you know what I realized??  I just humanly witnessed how God feels when He is an item on my to do list.  Disappointing isn’t it.  I am full of  guilt and shame.  And when all this was happening with my friend, I cried out in Mark’s arms, “Why do I stretch myself so much that I allow things like this to happen??”  And to think I thought I had it all together…. HA!  So why do we put anyone but especially God on a check list?  Read my Bible… check.  Pray….. check…. do laundry… check….Thank God for a dishwasher…… check…. scrub toilets…. check…. get my point???

Today's Blessing August 26, 2009

Today was special.  This morning, I decided to put off the laundry and the daily cleaning routine.  I even skipped my morning walk with good reason.  I went to visit a dear friend.  She and I worked together for many years.  We taught across the hall from each other.  I taught English and she, math.  Since math and English are from opposite sides of the brain, I don’t know how we managed to be such close friends.  I know why…. she is absolutely wonderful.

She was there when I was pregnant with my son.  She witnessed the horrible pregnancy I experienced.  She came to relieve Mark and I when we were in the hospital with him.  She came just to rock him and give us 15 minutes to ourselves.  She was there when I came to work crying because my baby girl went to kindergarten.  She was there during the early years of my children’s lives.

She always made comments on how a good mother I was…..I humbly explained that it was all about love.  She has said on numerous occasions that she hoped to be half the mother I am…..and every time I heard it my response was always….you will be better!!  She is such a warm caring soul.  Full of life and spunk, she made life in the workplace bearable.

Well, today, as I said before, I went to visit her.  She has been a mother of twin boys for a month now.  She radiates.  Yeah, her tired eyes mirror the lack of sleep and the tireless hours spent tending to the needs of her sons.  I watched her this morning lulling her son to sleep.  Softly patting him and whispering sweet “I Love Yous,” the tired little bundle fell asleep.  I sat there in total admiration and awe as she gently cuddled her baby boy.  Wow!  The love between those two!!  She obviously enjoys spending cuddle time with each son.  And to think she was afraid that she would love one more than the other.

I don’t envy the late night feedings times two and I am sooo glad my two have long outgrown the diaper years.  But as I watched today, I caught myself wishing I could be half the mother she is today…..

Finding God at the Closeline

This morning, I awoke refreshed. It must have something to  do with the cool nights we have been having.  Slept like a baby in the cool room with the fresh air breezing in the open windows.  The dew smelled fresh and the sunlight glistened from the dewdrops on the freshly cut blades of grass.  AHHHH, what a beautiful morning.

Stretching and praising God for a new beginning, I made my way into the kitchen, where the daily grind always waits for me.  There’s lunches to be made, breakfast to be cooked, and kids plus hubby to shuttle out the door barking orders to have a good day, play nice and expressions of love being blown through the screen door.

For some strange reason, I grew impatient to do the laundry this morning.  Hurrying the washing machine along,  I had three loads ready and waiting to be hung by 8:00.  As soon as I rounded the house towards the clothesline, I heard such sweet music.  Gentle breezes kissed the leaves of the surrounding trees.  A glimmer of sunshine dances along the grass to the sweet heavenly melody made by the songbirds.

Smiling at the wonders of the morning, I began hanging each piece of clothing.  Overwhelmed by the songbirds melodies, I spontaneously began to hum.  Amazing Grace….how sweet the sound….Realizing what I was humming, I began to bellow out the words and in complete harmony with the sweet cardinals and robins.  That saved a wretch like me……..I once was lost…. but now I am found….. was blind…. but now I see……

There we were in the early morning hours honoring God with a concert…. just me and the birds.  The wind and the sunshine danced as we sang.  Could it be a better beginning?  When the last shirt was hung, I turned and took a bow.  Sparing God my imitation of Elvis Presley’s “Thank Ya… Thank Ya… very much,” I simply said, “Thanks for the beautiful morning, sweet Jesus.”

God Bless….

Saying "Yes!" Changes Lives

It is so amazing how one simple 3-letter affirmative can change a life.  I know it does.  Just by saying yes I am not the woman I was 29 years ago……

A simple “Yes.” brought Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, into my life at the impressionable age of 11.  It was s faint, nervous “yes.”  It was the answer to every question that the country preacher asked me.  I just knew that I wanted to know this man, Jesus.  The preacher made Him sound so promising and so cool.  I just wanted to know this guy.  And I did.  The minute the “yes” was whispered, the world as I knew it changed.

In 1993, I was online playing around on this “imagination network.”  There was no world wide web in 93.  I was asked to play checkers.  My answer:  Yes!  Found out through the course of this game, the man on the other end of the modem was kinda nice and had definitely peaked my interest.  The click of the keyboard… Y-E-S…. and we married in 1995.  Followed by a “Yes” one night lead to my beautiful daughter, Joellen and 4 years later a “yes” gave me my adorable son, Justin.  Again, that simple word changed the course of my life.

In 2005, I was offered a job in ministry.  I was struggling with answering “Yes.”  I really wanted to but my love for teaching Deaf children was standing in my way.  I was unhappy teaching and I was well aware of how it was affecting me.  But, I loved teaching and if I left it meant not coming back because the license was changed and I would not be Grandfathered in any longer.  It was a hard choice.  I had great teacher friends whom I loved dearly.  I had …. some… students that I was making a difference in their lives.  It was a battle for several minutes.  I responded with a big old “YES!”  I entered into ministry and yet again, my life changed.

After 2 1/2 years as a children’s minister, something changed.  Well, to be frank, I did.  I knew that I had to follow God’s call but I was relunctant.  You see, I preached one Sunday morning while our pastor was away.  For the first time, ever, I was comfortable in my own skin.  Speaking in front of our congregation felt right.  And those were my exact words to my pastor…. “It felt right.”  I continued as the children’s minister for another year but every time I spoke to the congregation, I knew in my heart that is what God was calling for me to do.  Stubbornly, I ignored His call and hardship arrived.  I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  Nothing could ease the sinking feeling.  And I sank, crashed and burned.  Then I left the position.  Only to discover that I had identified myself with a title.  A teacher. A Children’s Minister. A stay-at-home-mom. A wife.   I pleaded with God to clue me into what I was to do.  I knew in my heart it was to speak but I needed to know.  I felt like God was keeping me out of the loop.  So, one morning, while walking, I kinda “put God into His place.”  I demanded to know what it was I was supposed to do…..  Got my answer the hard way.  I can identify with Moses.  When God speaks there is no controlling the body.  I fell to my knees right smack dab in the middle of the road.  I am sure my neighbors thought I was having a heart attack.  I was uncontrollably sobbing and holding my hands to my heart.  God said, “Speak and Motivate Women.”  I heard it as plain as day.  Sobbing, “Yes, Lord!!” was my answer.  And now, my life is taking another path.

I don’t know the path of this endeavor, but I do know one thing.  I will go through this quest as God opens the doors and my response will be “Yes, Lord.  Where you lead me, I will follow.”