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Is that Me??

Slacker.  Me.  Yep.  I admit it.

Big time. Slacker.

I haven’t been posting like I should.  I hear all of you saying, “Duh!”  I haven’t posted about my walk across America.  I haven’t given any accountability updates.  Nope. Nada. Nothing.

Ahem…. I haven’t been posting much of anything as of late.  I believe I posted once last week.

Well, please allow me to explain and clear my name.  I am working part time as a cake decorator at a local sweet shop.  AND I am having the time of my life!!  I didn’t realize work could be this fun!!

I’m having so much fun at the sweet shop that my other duties ….. well let’s just say that they are on the back burner of my stove.

Oh the shame…..  My dear friend in Sunday School asked where I had been.  He missed my posts.  AND then, while volunteering at the public library yesterday, one of the librarians asked me why she hadn’t seen any updates on my walking.

Head hung down in SHAME!  My juggling act has dropped a few balls.  In fact yesterday, I passed this lady as I was going going going and she looked so familiar.  Ahem… it was me, I finally had met myself going!!

How in the world did I work full time?  And keep up with the laundry? And get the kids where they need to be?  And stay awake!  I was in bed by 8 last night.  I was pooped!!

So, since my last update, we have walked 950 miles and we are now in Pontiac, MI.  AND…. I am happy to announce I pulled out a pair of jeans from the back of the closet.  They are on and I can breathe.  Whoop Whoop.

I guess you are wondering where this month’s donation will be going……  The Ruth Peterson Community Center.  Yay!!!

Well, I guess I have caught myself up….. oh wait, there’s that gal again.  Man, she looks awesome!!!  Is that me again???

Oh geez, even I am rolling my eyes at myself.

Good night and God bless……