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Book Club

Okay, the title is just to catch your attention.. unless it is possible for one person to be the book club…

I’ve been reading a lot this week.  Guess the Christmas spirit has gotten a hold of me!  Mark is sighing right now because he just thought..Regina, you are always reading a lot! I guess my librarian friends are thinking the same thing.  Once a week I am toting an arm load of books home to devour.  Guess you can take the English teacher out to the classroom but not the library!!

Okay, here’s one of my favorite authors:  Jennifer Chiaverini.  I have no idea how to pronounce her name.  I just refer to her as Jennifer Chi.  I’m sure she gets that a lot.  Anyway, my mother-in-law is responsible for getting me hooked on this author.

See back when my 13 yo was just a tot, Mark’s parents were visiting and we took a little trip to Branson.  While we were there I was itching for a quilt.  There are tons of quilt shop in Branson and I was bound and determined to bring one home.  Mark, I think, didn’t see the need for yet another quilt.  I wanted a wedding ring quilt and by golly, I was getting one.  Mark was on the fence post but kept reminding me that there wasn’t any room in the car for something as big as a quilt.  He was right and I was crushed.  But then, I said, “I’ll sit on it.”  So, guess what… I bought the wedding ring quilt and sat on it all the way home.  My mother-in-law loves telling that story.  I could see everything from my seat.. I was at least 5 inches taller than everyone else and was quite comfy!

Well, time passed and I was pregnant with my son and on bed rest… in April and his due date was at the end of August.  Needless to say, I had a lot of time on my hands.  My sweet mother-in-law sent me a box of books about what?????  You guessed it. QUILTS!!  At the time, Jennifer (see I’ve read all 16 in the series and I feel like I know her enough to call her Jennifer.. by the time she has two more published, she will be referred to as Jen.) had two published in her Elm Creek Manor series.

If you love quilts, you will love these books.  They are so informative about quilts and the history behind many of the squares.  Even if you don’t have an interest in quilting, the stories of the women in this quilting world are adorable.  The books are beautifully written and without swearing, blood and gore.  They are simple and wonderful.  Trust me, you’ll like them.  When I read them, my creativity spikes and I love to sew, crochet and think about quilting.. I’m a wannabe!

Okay, so here’s the other book I am almost finished with this week:  Oogy.

This book is by Larry Levin and it is the story of his family dog, Oogy.  Oogy is a pit bull who was at age 4 months thrown to fighting dogs as bait.  Left to die in a cage, police raided the dog fighting operation and rescued him.  This story forced me to my knees to complain to God.  I just don’t understand the cruelty of animals, or people, and I just had to complain.  Oogy’s story reminds me of my two rescues.  Ginger and Fred had horrible lives before living here.  Now, they are blooming and are wonderful companions.  I am reminded of the roosters back in May and the senselessness of the whole ordeal.  My mind wonders how on Earth people can be so cruel.

Then, I read:

“We’re going to take good care of you,” I told him.  “You won’t ever have to worry about anything again.  You won’t ever have to be afraid of anything again.  You will never be hungry or scared again.  That’s my personal promise to you.  Will you trust me on that?…. you’re a good boy.  This didn’t happen because of you.  This does not mean that you are a bad doggy, and undeserving dog.  We love you very much.  You didn’t deserve this.  Nobody does.  this has nothing to do with who you are.  You’re a lovely doggy.  You’ll never be scared again.  No one and nothing will ever hurt you again.”

Can someone pass me a tissue????

I’ve cried, prayed, and cried some more.  And I’m only half way through!!

I’ve said those words to my two as well.  I’ve cried over their past.  My Our love for them has pulled them out of their shells and in return, they trust us.  When animals are hurting, my heart aches.  When they suffer, I suffer.  When they love, I return the love 10 fold.  My whole family does.. sigh…I need to hug my four legged kids right now..

You enjoy your weekend!  God Bless..  “FRED!  GINGER!  I NEED A HUG!”