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Granny's Helpful Hints

April 18, 2005 was the day my Granny Aline passed away.   There were times she would call me and say, “Gina, you’re on my mind.  Everything okay?”  She always said she had a special bond with me.  It was amazing that 99% of the time when she asked, I had a bad day and needed to talk to someone.  She was a good listener!

Anyway, today, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to blog about.  Granny popped in my head.  I decided to go through some of her recipe boxes for a good recipe to share.  But I ran across an index card ring with some helpful hints instead.

So, here is just a few helpful hints she wrote…

Flea Prevention

1.  Rosemary and water- boil for 1 hour and cool.  Strain.  Pour water in spray bottle and add a little more water.  Spray on cat or dog.

2.  Put pine needles under the pet’s bed-will keep fleas out of the house.

3.  Add garlic and Brewer’s yeast to food-will keep fleas off pets.


Slow Drains

Use Plumb Clean-it is the best!

plumb clean

Repairing Wallpaper

When seam pops up-raise and apply clear nail polish to seam, press, hold for a few seconds-seams will be sealed.

Dingy Whites

Try whitening formula of 1 cup automatic dishwasher detergent and 1/3 cup household bleach added to one gallon hot water.  Be sure to mix in a plastic or stainless steel bucket.  Soak your whites in solution for 30 minutes.  Remove and wash as usual.

Prevent Color Running

Soak colored clothes in water with a little vinegar, then wash normally.

Fluffy Rice

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to cooking water to make rice fluffy.

Paint Smell

To remove paint smells when painting add two tablespoons vanilla flavoring to each gallon of paint.

Sticky Price Tag Glue

To remove sticky glue left when removing price stickers on merchandise, use small amount of peanut butter worked well into surface, wet a small amount of terry towel and rub gently til all is removed.

Ice Cubes

Put ice cubes in brown paper bag-they won’t stick together in freezer.

Lighting Candles or Fireplace

Lit a stick of uncooked spaghetti for lighting a fireplace or candles on a cake.

Well, folks, there you have it.. Granny’s helpful hints.  If I run across some more I will be sure to let you know!  Enjoy this glorious day!

God bless..