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Relay For Life

As most of you know, my mother passed away due to cancer.  In the past, I participated in the Race for the cure here in Little Rock.  I did it for many years and enjoyed every time I crossed the finish line.  This year, I am participating in the Relay for Life along with my daughter and her youth group.  I am excited and well a little anxious because it has been a awhile since I walked any distance.

As I dust off the old sneakers and squeeze into my “yeah, right” jogging suit, I need to raise money for the cause.  Ugh.. I hate to ask people for money.  It just isn’t fun,  ya know!!  And times are hard on all of us!  Especially with the gas prices going up and all.

So I came up with a neat idea.  For $25, I will bake you a fancy cake.  I will deliver said cake (if you live in the Little Rock area) to your birthday party, shower, or any just because occasion.  The cake will be decorated with fondant and how you want (I’m not a miracle worker, please keep that in mind.)  It will be a 9 inch round cake and it will be your choice of a chocolate, white or yellow cake.

Here’s just a few I have done for my own children:

100_4553 100_4559

Made this one just last night.. the zebra print awed my daughter!

baking pics 001

Who wouldn’t want a hog cake????

Birthday Cake

This one was done for my son… he loved the balloons and presents!!

pictures 001

Peace out, man!!!

If you are interested in ordering a 9 inch round fondant decorated cake for $25, please email me at regina@reginadettra.com.  Your order will help those who are battling cancer.

Enjoy your Tuesday.. God bless…

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My New Hobby

I am always looking for ways to entertain myself.  I love to crochet, sew, paint, sketch, and work with pastels.  I  check out books from the library about on crafts, painting, and sewing.   One of my favorite shows on PBS is “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross.  I am amazed how he can make a squiggle line into a tree…. as he puts it, “a happy little tree.”  If I had enough time in the day, I would be glued to the PBS station, Create, all day, learning to gourmet cook, quilt and knit.

I have fallen in love with one show called, “Bake, Decorate, Celebrate.”  It is about decorating cakes.  I think I love this show because it reminds me of my mother.  She took a cake decorating class back in the 70’s.  She made our birthday cakes, my uncle’s wedding cake, and baby shower cakes for her friends.

I have always taken pride in the fact that my kids have never had a “store bought” birthday cake.  I  made their cakes into the shapes the resembled the party theme.  I have done everything from Mickey Mouse ears or the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz….. which by the way almost was the death of me…..while assembling the cake I had cut the “body parts” out of the big sheet cake….. I had piles for the arms, legs, and body… the discard pieces were piled up near the microwave.  As always, I let Mark and the kids eat the discard pile.  They  devoured the pile…. I went to get an arm piece and discovered that Mark ate the arms by mistake!!  I had a panic attack right then and there……

Here recently, I have fallen in love with Fondant Icing.  It is like play dough that you actually can eat!!  I have created several cakes…..and to say the least I have surprised myself with my talent…… take a gander……

A friend’s Razorback birthday cake:

Razorback Cake

This one was tough to do….I had to paint (with icing) the outlines.  It was a challenge but well worth the results.

My son’s birthday cake:

Birthday Cake

I had the most fun doing this one….  It is such a happy cake!!

My Dad’s Wedding Cake:

Wedding Cake

This one was nerve wrecking!!  I assembled it at our church and put it in the big refrigerator.  I dreamed that it fell over.  I had Mark open the frig….I had my eyes closed…..whew….. it was only a dream!!

I really had fun making these cakes….next week I am making a “Peace” cake for my daughter’s 13th birthday….wish me luck!!

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God Bless…..