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Green Thumb Prayer

As a child, I spent many hours at my Grandma Cannon’s house.  She is the inspiration behind my God and Grandma series from long ago.  She is the reason I am frugal and from her own great wisdom, I learned a great deal about family and life.

Last night, I watched a documentary.  I know I shouldn’t have…… ignorance can be so blissful.   A couple of years ago, I read the book, Eating Animals.  I swore off eating animal products.  Then wouldn’t you know it….  higher gas and food prices drove me right back to buying it because of the cheaper costs and the idea of getting more for my money.

After last night’s documentary, “Food, Inc.,’ I can not continue to do so.  I watched with my mouth wide open at the chemicals added and that washed the food I serve my family.  I gasped in horror how “grass fed” was defined.  The image still haunts me. I couldn’t finish it.

I went to bed crying.

I cried for the treatment of those animals.  I cried out of guilt for not continuing the healthier organic meals.  I cried out.  I felt sick, mad, and ignorant.

Ignorant because I fell into believing our food is safe.  I want to believe the cute farm pictures on the packages.  To believe happy cows are what I eat.  The ugly truth….. though, emerged before my eyes.

I prayed.  I prayed hard.  I prayed that my family and friends will understand my guilt.  I prayed that the conditions of the farm factories are righted.  I prayed for forgiveness.  I prayed for a green thumb.  Grandma’s green thumb.  She could make anything grow.  I haven’t had the success.

I prayed for guidance and for wisdom.  Prayed for motivation and perseverance.  Let’s face it…… Mark and the kids will feel deprived.  I prayed for their palates to change and want the fresh good foods.  I prayed for the time and money it would require.  I prayed for it all.

God bless…..