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I heard on the news Monday morning the temperature in some parts of our wonderful state would be reaching the upper 90’s and 100 degree mark.  I wanted to run straight to the thermometer and crack down the AC.

I controlled my wanting but I will say this…… this is the first year I can remember that I actually turned on the AC before June.  We haven’t had much of a winter.  Did we even have winter?  Vaguely I remember pulling out a coat in December but for the most part….. I wore short sleeve shirts.  Yep, come August I may be relocating to the North Pole.  Move over Santa, Regina is moving in!!

A friend was joining us for dinner Monday and the thought of cooking in this kind of heat frightened me.  Well, to be honest, slaving in the hot kitchen makes even the neatest hair style frizz not to mention melting the mascara into coon eyes.  Frightening!!

So, I pulled out a cookbook and started flipping.  I landed on an interesting recipe from a dear friend.  We taught together at the …. what we lovingly call “the war zone”…. middle school.  Anyway, I trust her and so I gathered the ingredients….

I threw the onion, garlic, cucumber, pepper and the tomatoes into the blender and took them for a spin.

I added a splash and a dash along with some tomato juice.

Stirred until it was the prettiest shade of red, chilled it and served with along with a green salad.

Funny….. I forgot to mention to everyone around the table that this soup was a cold soup.  Bless their hearts…..  perhaps, shame on me would be better….. their minds said “soup” and soup is supposed to be hot.  Shocker when it turned out to be icebox cold!