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All About Water

Every diet plan calls for drinking more water.  When I was in my 20’s, I rarely drank anything other than water.  And if I look back….. I was much thinner in my 20’s!!  Over the years, I have become…. well….I am going to say it like it is…..I have become addicted to carbonated drinks and caffeine.  It is a pitfall and a weakness that I am held bondage over.  And I am not alone……just Google “Addiction to Soda” and see how many hits you get!!  SHOCKING!!

I can not at this point find the root of my addiction to the carbonated stuff.  It could be as simple as the fizz.  Whatever the case, it has to stop.  It is a waste of money and is harmful to my health.

I have researched alternatives that are both healthier and tasty.  I uncovered information on the health benefits to the ingredients and I was amazed. I found this one particular recipe in several books that I have been reading.  It is a “detox” water that helps cleanse and heal.

8 1/2 cups water

1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger root

1 medium cucumber sliced and peeled

1 lemon thinly sliced

12 mint leaves

Combine all ingredients and chill in refrigerator overnight so the flavors blend.  Drink all in one day…..

Again, the health benefits of the ingredients is astonishing!  Ginger root is great for gas and has anti- inflammatory  agents.  It also helps fight cancer and boosts your immune system.  The cucumber is known for its healthy skin boosters but it also can lower blood pressure and increases your fiber as well as water intake.  The lemon is an antioxidant and supports optimal health.  The mint is more than just a flavor.  It soothes the tummy and is full of vitamin C and A.

So pour a cold glass and sip your way to a healthier you!!

God Bless…..