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Stockpiling or Hoarding?

Okay, I have heard about the “Extreme Couponing” show on TLC.  Sadly, I don’t pay for TV so I have never actually watched an episode.  It sounds exciting and very interesting.  I hope it will some day be online to watch.  But here’s what I have seen on the YouTube…. stockpiling.

I just don’t understand this concept.  Now, I ain’t stupid… I know that having a few extras helps save money and all… and I do have a full freezer and a well stocked pantry but what concerns me is the 60 boxes of cereal and the extra rooms being used as a storage facility.  It doesn’t seem very wise to purchase so much that you won’t be able to consume it before the expiration date.  It seems so wasteful and time consuming.

I understand the concept of worrying about the possibility of a major disaster but really…. we shouldn’t over extend ourselves with worry about tomorrow…being prepared in case of an emergency is one thing but living near the hoarder extreme borderline is another thing.

Please take a look at two clips that I have found.. and let me know what you think about the stockpiling.  Perhaps, it only bothers me.. but I would be interested to know your opinion.

This first clip has all the cereal.  It is short and kinda makes me wonder.  The expense in the nice tubs to store everything made my heart stop!


This next clip is around 7 minutes long.  But notice the amount of gravy!  And here’s something I want to ask.. Why the lock on the door???


So what do you think?  Is this a healthy stockpile or is it borderline hoarding?

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Be safe and keep your eye to the sky today.  Severe weather here in my neck of the woods.  God bless…